Smash Bros Ultimate Thread- The game is finally hear to steal the hearts of all Smashers


I wouldn’t mind the 3v3 for a side event. But tournemant smash should still be 1v1


You had to be there, I guess.


Something I was thinking about the other day.
Almost every franchise that had more than one character has now either gotten a new character/echo or had someone return that was previously cut.

The exceptions?
Kirby, Kid Icarus, and Earthbound.
I guess we’ll see if that changes.


So many little changes


The music I’ve been looking for dropped


Side note to go with the music posted above…it was arranged by ACE


My God that’s beautiful. DKC has some of the best music and the Smash renditions have always been brilliant.


I…do agree…but boy do I despise the vocals from 0:27 to 0:53. It’s cool though, easy edit for my phone


Just watched the direct again. Sakurai saying even more characters being announced has me excited. Any thoughts on who they could be? :3


Shadow seems really obvious at this point and U think I’d be super disappointed if he wasn’t announced considering how easy of an echo fighter he’d make.

They still haven’t announced a new pokemon…Can’t have a new Smash without a new pokemon somewhere. Who tho? Dunno but I’m willing to bet its prob one of the pokemon from Pokken.

That’s all I can think of right now.
Im wondering if they’ll do echos for Bayo and Snake. Jeanne would be pretty easy but I don’t know who would be popular enough to work as an echo fighter for Snake. My first thought is Raiden but they would have to completely rework him and be a new char unless they go with pre cyborg Raiden…aaaand I don’t think anyone wants that.


Isn’t shadow and assist trophy though?


He’s be mysteriously absent in the demo and on the stage, and he got replaced with Knuckles. He’s got Echo Fighter written all over him


I wish they would have made Shovel Knight a character instead of an assist trophy. :frowning:


3ds returning stage comparison


With all these stages, music tracks and new characters it makes me wonder if they are going to have a giant day one patch to fit all this shit in. Cause the game seems a little too big for a cartridge


If they fit everything on cartridge I’ll be both amazed but not too surprised. We are talking about Nintendo here. The gods of optimization. If anyone can somehow make that work out it’d be them.

Ken might be an echo fighter for Ryu. And then we’d possibly get Akuma as an AT. Be hilarious seeing pikachu getting demoned.


SGS’s too…lets say ‘involved’ to be an assist trophy. I could see them doing the opposite to be honest.


Akuma as an echo and ken as AT? If they did it that way I’d prefer it but I just think realistically they’d do Ken since he’s been there since day 1. I’d be happy either way though.


I think the only new character I feel 100% about is “something from Pokemon”. I’m not willing to make that kind of claim for any other franchise, and I can’t even say with certainty what Pokemon it might be.
With that said, though…

The front-runner for a Pokemon rep is either Decidueye or Incineroar. I’d be fine with either.
Several of the Ultra Beasts are also prime candidates (personal preference would be Kartana).
I heard a pretty convincing case for Lycanroc on the internet, and based on that argument it might actually be the one I want to see most.

Prior to this last Direct, I was very against Shadow, not only because I’m not a big fan in general, but I also thought he would make a poor choice for a Sonic Echo.
However, seeing just how different Chrom seems to be from Roy, I’m much more open to the idea. I’d still rather a different Sonic character get in like Tails or something, but I’m not completely against it like I was before.

I would expect at least one other new Nintendo franchise to get some kind of representation. To me, ARMS is still the best choice here, but it could be something else.

I really don’t think we need anything else from the Kirby or Kid Icarus franchises, but those are Sakurai’s favorites so I also wouldn’t be surprised to see something for one or both of them.
Kirby could get Bandana Waddle Dee (shoutouts to Cyntalan) or Marx.
Kid Icarus could get… Viridi, I guess? Or Hades as a Palutena Echo? :man_shrugging:
(And hell, the number of Metroid characters doubled in this game so I don’t have any room to complain even if this does happen)


Yeah, both are feasible. Akuma is the crossover king though. Dude’s been in like everything