Smash Bros Ultimate Thread- The game is finally hear to steal the hearts of all Smashers


Smartass response: the number of Metroid characters tripled actually. In terms of playable fighters it only doubled.




I don’t get it?


They ported Diablo 3 to the Switch. Gave them Legend of Zelda cosmetics. Diablo’s ‘pet name’ in the blizzard community is ‘Dibbles’.


Stage comparison between SSB and Ultimate

Hyrule Castle seems to have had the biggest face lift.


Stage comparison to brawl


So Vergeben has basically said Ken is going to be in.

Why does that Ganondorf look better than the one in Ultimate!


If so, I hope Ken’s down-B is his air-throw. Besides focus attack being boring, Ken’s uses a very different animation for it anyway. Command throws in Smash are useful vs platform camping.

Of course, Akuma has many more possibilities for moves.


-Nair is a Belly flop sex kick
-If you don’t catch the crown, it becomes an item. When the item vanishes, K Rool’s crown reappears on his head. If the crown drops offscreen, it will spawn like an item. If K Rool is in proximity to his crown it automatically reattaches. No picking up as an item
-Bair is like Bowser Fair
-Uair is a hit with the crown
-jab is a basic 1-2, maybe 1-2-3


That match looks staged as all hell. Way too many convenient interactions.

That said, it’s still a great exhibition of the character and I really like his (presumed) U-Throw.


I was just about to link this and make similar observations.

My favorite part of the whole match is when K.Rool uses Neutral-B to hit Snake, sucks the cannonball back in for the angled shot, and THEN proceeds to use Fair to hit Snake into the cannonball again for the KO.

Also, the announcer says K. Rool like “cruel” instead of “kay-rule” which makes me slightly sad.
EDIT: Apparently I was watching the Japanese clip. In the UK version, it is pronounced “kay-rule”.


Related, here’s some 2v2 footage showing Chrom and Dark Samus as well as Stage Morph in action.

Dark Samus seems to play mostly the same as regular Samus except that her movement might be a little less restrictive. Specifically, DSam’s double jump and roll do not put her in a compact animation (spin jump and morph ball respectively) which might mean she is able to act out of these actions faster. We’ll see.

Chrom still looks like Roy with Aether, but seeing him paired with Lucina makes me realize something. Since Lucina is basically Marth without tippers, what if Chrom is Roy without inverse tippers?
I rewatched the video and both Lucina and Chrom have similar streaks to their swords (makes sense since they technically wield the same blade), so I think this might be the case.


It’s not staged. What likely happens is Nintendo has the dev team pick from the ocean of matches they play during development and then go ‘Yup, this one shows off what we want to show off’ and release it.

In the case of the K Rool Trailer:
-Final Smash finish
-Blunderbuss combos
-Good use of Krown


‘Gear Up For…’ from Fire Emblem Heroes arranged by Hiroki Morishita is now on the website


Too bad fire emblem is dead now. Its sales have never been better, but its soul is gone. Replaced with pandering moe bullshit and half-dragon onii-chans with magical chainsaw swords.

Still a good piece of music.


There are some who would argue its sales have never been better because it has pandering moe and half-dragon onii-chans.

I mean, I don’t care one way or the other; I’ve never played a single Fire Emblem.


Correct. Those are the reasons it is selling better now.

Those same factors make it absolute shit now, but that doesn’t matter to shareholders.


Sakurai says they were able to compress all the music in ultimate to be 1/4 of the size of Wii U’s music with no loss in quality. Do you guys know how insane that is?


You’re forgetting to ask how compressed it was to start with


Chrom still looks like Roy with Aether, but seeing him paired with Lucina makes me realize something. Since Lucina is basically Marth without tippers, what if Chrom is Roy without inverse tippers

(How to quote?)

I hope that’s true because the mechanic never did Roy any favors.

I’ve been meaning to read Chrom’s subforum on smashboards to see if they’re dissappointed in getting Roy#2.