Smash Bros Ultimate Thread- The game is finally hear to steal the hearts of all Smashers


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And they’re not. At most mild disappointment that he isn’t an Ike clone.


Being Roy without Roy’s naturally crippling drawback does well to inspire confidence


Pretty much. Roy was my favorite FE character to use in Smash4, but if it turns out Chrom has all the parts I liked about Roy without his most limiting factor then I guess I’m going to be using Chrom.


We could get black knight. He isnt a part of castle siege anymore


It wasn’t crippling. Roy had some sick strings and combos, but they all seemed to be training mode only. DI wrecked them all. Marth can do similar.

Personally I wouldn’t care if they deleted all FE except Marth. But if I’d been pulling for Chrom and then got Roy #3 I’d be pissed.

(Apologies, koopa kid.)


You mean the only FE Smash character that’s NOT a boring swordlord?


What about Robin?



So if Ken does get placed in as an Echo what do you think his Final Smashes would be? Ryu’s nearly chose themselves but Ken’s are going to be interesting. Just random thinking about it on the train back from NY. If we assume his is going to work similar to Ryu’s then Shinryuken is going to be the close one…and I’m thinking Shoryu Reppa would most likely be his farther away FS. Though a case could easily be made for Shippu.


Oh, your comic reminds me:

K Rool fans made a letter of thanks for his inclusion and sent it to Sakurai. They been silently suffering while the Waluigi crowd gets all asshole-ish. Rep to them.


If I had to pick, I’d definitely want Shinryuken for his up close version.
For distance, he could use one of his kick supers

However, this discussion actually makes me want Akuma even more, because now I desperately want to see the Shun Goku Satsu (Raging Demon) in Smash.
His distance variant could be Messatsu Gou Hadou (super beam) or Tenma Gou Zanku (multi fireball).
Plus, as CG has already mentioned, Akuma is the crossover character in fighting games.


An extended tournament in the Midlands of Europe


i know you heathens swear by the gamecube controller but nintendo is releasing a special edition pro controller for super smash and it looks siiiick. i just preordered mine at best buy

Also Nintendo is doing a Collectors edition of SBU that comes with a steel book and the pro controller for $140. Nintendo’s site says “Check back for retailers” but most are expecting it to be best buy exclusive as well (since they were the first ones to put it up and its already sold out). But I’d check gamestop in a few days. I doubt amazon will get it.


I think that’s the first Nintendo controller that doesn’t look like a childs toy.

Still isn’t a stick though


To be fair, most people swear by the GC Controller because the Wiimote and Gamepad were shit for Smash. Pro Controller looks competent enough for it though, respectable option


The pro controller apparently lags when wired and having too many wireless connections causes interference


Having that unique GC controller layout really makes it hard to use another controller. I have tried and I struggle to adapt.


The biggest problem i have is actually the right stick. The cstick on a gcn controller is much smaller allowing you to be quicker with pressing it than any other controller. It fucks with with my timing/spacing quite often