Smash Bros Ultimate Thread- The game is finally hear to steal the hearts of all Smashers


Augh this is tough…I kind of want that controller but I already have 3 pro controllers. The steel case is nice but I think I may actually prefer the artwork on the original case. I’m pretty sure by the time I decide it will have been decided for me.


I collect the pro controllers.
The only reason I’m not getting the collectors edition is because I hate steel cases. It throws off the whole flow of my games when I have them on a book shelf or whatever, you know? They’re so tacky


I actually prefer playing Smash 4 with the Pro Controller, but I don’t know if I’m willing to spend another ~60$ for the Switch version, especially if my GC adapter is going to be automatically compatible.
Plus, I literally used my Wii U Pro only for Smash, so it’s a hard ask to do it again.


‘Main Theme’ from Yoshi’s New Island arranged by Shota Kageyama is now available to listen too

Another update also pretty much confirmed what was in a trailer earlier in regards to New Donk City. You touch the musicians as they show up and they add their instrument to the music.


That’s weird, because that means that stage will have to have it’s own unique music tracks. When they just got done announcing that stage tracks were going to be divided by series now instead of stage.


My guess is that it’s probably limited to specific songs. Maybe even just “Jump Up Superstar”.
But then again, knowing Sakurai, I wouldn’t be surprised if they go through and do instrumental layering for every single Mario song just because.


Felt this was kind of interesting…don’t know if you guys will or not


Best Buy Demo


Only posting because of the smash bit


No matter. Keef is always welcome


Damn. That MvCI part got me. :sob:


There’s a Direct tomorrow


‘Fortress Boss’ from Super Mario Bros. 3 arranged by Akhiro Honda is up for listen on the website

Lots of strings and wind instruments in this. I dig it.


Jeez, has it been a month already?
How much Smash info do we think we’re getting in this one? Especially after the craziness from the last Direct. I’m honestly not expecting too much unless it’s a tie-in with another announcement. Maybe we finally get the Pokemon representative announced.

HOWEVER, I would love if they surprise us with whatever the unannounced mode is.


A reminder that was a Smash Direct

This is just a Direct.

We’ll probably get AT MOST a new character and more Nintendo Online details


Right. Hence why I asked how much Smash we’d be getting. I’d be surprised if they don’t mention anything at all, though.

Most likely guesses for games to be discussed:

  • Pokemon Let’s Go!
  • Super Mario Party
  • Fire Emblem: Three Houses
  • Yoshi?

More than anything, I really want more Metroid Prime 4 details, but I’m not getting my hopes up for that.


The direct is going to be around 40 minutes so who knows what’s going to get revealed.


Interesting insight into this…So more than likely Squeenix probably asked for ridiculous amounts of money for FF7 music to be used and Sak was probably like ‘…yeah we’ll just take these 2’



Oh well they said just japans at first…guess there is something they didnt want revealed ahead for some…interesting…