Smash Bros Ultimate Thread- The game is finally hear to steal the hearts of all Smashers


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I feel kind of bad that a fair bit of the Direct is probably going to be outdated simply because other departments/companies released their own information based on the original schedule.


That was so bland by comparison.
I’m not upset, just disappointed.

Thinking on it more, it’s still not very exciting, but if Isabelle was going to get added, this was definitely the right place to do the reveal. Smash was a footnote of this Direct, and the fact that she came with an announcement for a new AC game makes perfect sense.
But if you don’t care about Animal Crossing (like me), then it’s underwhelming at best.



So it looks like she’s the Luigi to Villager’s Mario?
More than an Echo but still a lot in common?


New Thread Title


Personally don’t really care about Isabelle but I know there were definitely people out there that asked for her so I’m happy they got what they wanted. I’m also going to say that the combo announcement trailer was genius. Animal Crossing fans finally get what they want AND a character gets announced.

Also FF7 finally being on a Nintendo console. What is this like about 17 years in the making? Now most Smash people can actually play the game that Cloud came from.


Random thoughts here:

So…taking a look at the 3rd party representation in this game. Every company has 2 reps at least cept for one and that is Squeenix. So…considering how Sakurai seems to be in everyone’s head and granting wishes…What do you guys think are the chances of Geno showing up in Smash?


I think we are definitely getting another Squeenix character.
I want it to be Geno.
But it could just as easily be Sora.


It’ll be Geno. Other than Ridley who existed in Smash already, every single newcomer has been a DLC outfit for the Miis. And Geno’s the only one to get his own DLC pack.


Is Bayo SEGA or Platinuumgames ?

How about Sakurai just win everything and put in 2 arcsys rep ?


Ragna and Sol for Smash, lul


Bayonetta is still a SEGA property. That’s why you see their logo on Bayonetta 2 despite Platinum Games being the developer and Nintendo the publisher.


We’re likely to get Geno, yes.

I wish we’d get Flying Man. I AM YOUR COURAGE!!!111ONE?!!!


I also just realized that Namco Bandai also only has one rep…thought they had another for some reason. So there is a possible opportunity here as well. Think the 2 people I hear the most are Lloyd and and Klonoa…we’ll see what happens with that.


Isabella was a weird pick to be a standalone announcement. This would have gone over much better if it had been in a Smash Direct alongside other, more hype character announcements.

She looks like she’s about 75% Villager, yet is inexplicably not an echo. I thought the introduction of echoes meant we were done getting new pseudoclones, and yet, here we are.



This got me curious, so I did some math

Moves that are Villager:
Final Smash

Moves that are not Villager
Usmash (stop sign)
FSmash (Popper)
Dsmash (Water)
Utilt (Broom)
Side B

Moves that are SORT OF Villager:
Up B
Down B

Hammer move

Of the 13 moves we know so far, missing Jab, Ftilt, Dtilt, Utilt, Fair, Dair, Uair, Bair, about half are original (6/13), 4 are direct rips, 2 are similar but notably different, and the Hammer is…unknown. Even if you take the 2 similars into the Villager Clone pile, it’s about half.


She could also have different physics from villager (like run speed and fall speed, etc) that make her not an echo

I guess this is actually better because of there already being male/female villager so having a 3rd skin for the same moveset might feel redundant