Smash Bros Ultimate Thread- The game is finally hear to steal the hearts of all Smashers


Perfect audience for Smash


Picard facepalm.jpg


Oh lord here we go

Some are safe bets but Ken looks dumb in this ‘leak’. Gonna be on team fake for now.


I call bullshit on all of those except Shadow and maybe Incineroar.

Also, the “Mach” in Mach Rider is pronounced “mock”. Why does everyone say “match”?!?!? Annoys the hell out of me.


‘Battle! (Steven)’ from Pokemon Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby arranged by Soshi Abe is on the website to listen too



Even though Steven is probably my second favorite Champion, his theme is just kind of OK. Although the ORAS version is better, and this is a good remix of that, so… break even, I guess?
(Cynthia is the best Champion and also has the best theme)


‘Afternoon on the Island’ from Tomodachi Life arranged by Masafumi Takada is available to listen

Also wanted to say we are about 2 months out now from the release of this game. We are definitely going to get at least one more full blown direct for this game prior to release since we still have one more mode that hasn’t been revealed yet. I’m not expecting it until next month tho.


Flash Man Stage from Megaman 2 arranged by Keichi Okabe is now available to listen to on the website


Yo, that is probably the best one they’ve put up yet.


Luigi uses his Poltergust from LM3 for his throw


‘Lost Painting’ from Castlevania Symphony of the Night arranged by Tetsuya Shibata is now available to listen too


So APPARENTLY, a new leak happened. Someone at a subsidiary company working for Bandai Namco took a snap-chat pic of the completed mural. The image was taken down.

The leaks are supposedly as follows:

Leak Spoilers

Mach Rider
Chorus Kids


Part of me wants to look, but part of me wants to be surprised.


I thoroughly respect the desire to not want spoilers. But I’m fairly certain between the youtube videos, the regularly visited sites, and the twitter posts, it’ll wind up spoiled regardless


Unlikely to be 32 people fighting on the stage all at the same time cause that would be ridiculous. I’m hoping this means some sort of lobby system maybe but more than likely its prob an online tourney mode.


Get Hype


Man, I really hope there’s still some great surprises because I would be both mad and sad if the leak ruined everything.


So at the very least we are getting details about “Spirits” Mode and one more character.
More specifically I’m expecting the full release roster to be finalized here, since I wouldn’t expect another Direct with less than a month until release.

If the leak is real, I’m fine with that as the roster, though I question the lack of a new Pokemon. That’s is the only franchise that has gotten a new character in every Smash game (although Fire Emblem has gotten one in every game since Melee). I’d hate to see that streak break.


So. The smash website didnt update with music tonight. Guessing they want to make sure no goofs this time around.