Smash Bros Ultimate Thread- The game is finally hear to steal the hearts of all Smashers


The Direct, and the music. For those who missed it, here are the highlights

  • Ken/Incineroar revealed, proving the Mural leak was shit.
  • Shadow, Isaac, and Black Knight are Assist Trophies
  • ‘Spirits’ is, essentially, Stickers + Event Mode. You get spirits of a bunch of cameos that empower your characters in various ways. You can earn other spirits by completing Event Matches against them. For example, a Guts Man spirit features a Giant Mega Man that likes to grab, or a Gordo spirit features three small invisible D3s that spam them.
  • There is an adventure mode. It’s not Subspace and not a lot of story, but it’s there and looks interesting.
  • Season Pass of 5 DLC characters, 5 Stages, and a bunch of music tracks.
  • The first DLC is a Pirahna Plant as a fighter. Waluigi fans currently in mass riots.
Character videos for the new reveals


Im pretty disappointed shadow isnt an echo…but that’s my fault for getting that hype in believing it was a certainty. That being said… a Pirhana Plant Sakurai? Really? You god damb troll lol. The amount of salt waluigi fans are having right now will season fries for centuries.


Interesting direct. Ken is cool. Incineroar is whatever. Guile as an assist trophy is cool.
Spirit Mode is waisted. World of Light looks fun, I guess? Pirhana plant as a playable character is imo pretty stupid. Not what I would expect.

Ice Climbers, Pirhana Plant and King K. Rool amiibo are up for preorder at Best Buy.


Why, if I may ask?


That’s supposed to be another word. My phone autocorrected it into something else. What that word was? I don’t remember. Probably “whatever”. Spirit mode didn’t interest me too much.


The Treehouse streamed all the new characters aside from Pirahna. Videos later


This Direct as a whole wasn’t bad. It also wasn’t that good either IMO.

The Ken/Inceneroar reveal was the high point for me, which is a little unfortunate since it’s what they led with. I am legitimately surprised that these are the last two base characters, though. I thought for sure we’d be getting at least one more.
I think they both look great. The Pokemon Newcomer streak continues.

Spirits Mode looks… OK? Like, I’m not disappointed; I’m just confused by it. Is it Story Mode? Is it Event Mode? Is it both?
The sticker and equipment aspects of Spirits are super unappealing to me, since they were my least favorite parts of Subspace and Custom Fighters respectively.
World of Light looks like it’s the new version of Subspace, but we got so little that it’s hard to say exactly how I feel about it.

Piranha Plant. Just… WTF? I’d think it’s hilarious if I didn’t think there were so many better choices.


The better choice is being used as a final smash for the worst choice.

Im gonna be mad as hell if this lil man eating plant becomes top tier.

Edit: also realize that they went kind of backwards in terms of how I expected Ken’s FS to work and its really weird to me.


That Piranha Plant is dope. I love unexpected characters, specially if they are bad guys/goons.


I’m not one to really play Pokemon but…Incineroar is doing it for me right now. I might take him seriously.



Piranha plant is such a disappointment. A character that should be a fucking item or an assist trophy is a full-fledged character


Nintendo finally put the full treehouse streams up for those interested


Seeing (most of) the full movesets for certain characters leads to some interesting insights.


We still haven’t seen enough Peach footage to accurately gauge, but she honestly still looks exactly like Peach except with some minor animation/visual differences. Final Smash is a flowery version of Peach Blossom, which does exactly the same thing. Her Vegetables appear to bounce on the ground before disappearing; not sure if this is unique to her or just the way it works now. Technically they also pull faster, but that may be part of the general engine changes rather than a buff to the move.


These two look to be absolute monsters at mid to long range. Short range is definitely their weakest place to be, but they don’t seem to be awful in that regard thanks to Jab and Down Tilt. Back roll looks really fast and covers a lot of distance.

King K.Rool

He looks WAY better in action then I originally guessed from his release footage. I mean that both from an aesthetic stance (which I already thought he looked great) and from a gameplay perspective (where I thought he looked pretty mediocre). He is surprisingly fast, and nearly all of his attacks seem to have amazing hitboxes. His throws are just fantastic. His recovery is insane for his weight-class. Definitely has potential to be really good.


She really does look like a pseudo-echo of Villager now that we’ve seen her entire moveset. I’d say she shares roughly 60-70% of her moves with him. That said, while they are both defensive trap characters, it seems like Isabelle is more about edge-guarding from on-stage while Villager is more neutral focused. Her command grab looks scary good and has a ton of potential.


Even though I’ll probably only play him on the side, Incineroar looks like a lot of fun. He looks like a major high-risk, high reward character. Darkest Lariat seems really strong, and his command throw looks super satisfying.
Some of his movements look a little stiff to me, but his overall aesthetic is just so awesome.

Veteran Differences


Aura Storm returns, though he transforms to Mega Lucario first. So… it’s bad again.


He’s definitely faster than his Brawl incarnation. His moves seem mostly the same, but they also appear to have larger hitboxes.

Diddy Kong

Barrel recovery is either significantly worse or the Treehouse crew is just really bad with it (very possible). New Final Smash is pretty cool.

Dr Mario

Cape/Sheet hits upward now.


Ya’ll will get Bowsette as both canon AND included in smash before you get Waluigi


Please don’t play with my emotions like that. I can’t handle it.


Piranha plant is the best character ever added to a game


Spain has access to the full demo. Here’s a sample


Finally, someone with good taste.