Smash Bros Ultimate Thread- The game is finally hear to steal the hearts of all Smashers



If you want to watch the full vid the info above comes from


Also looks like they had some type of tourney over there
Edit: prob actually an exhibition

Starts at around 25:45

If you haven’t seen Sheik’s FS then its in this vid around 46:18. Its a Ninja SGS now.

More matches

Edit: or should I say match? I don’t know why you can’t watch the full vid


In either case cyber shaman has been putting up vids without the banter in between so he might be the best bet for watching most of the stuff. He also got the how to play vid up.



Hey @Sonichuman how come I never see you in the Discord?


I’m on srk’s discord periodically. Ill pop in see what people are saying and may say something here and there. Is there a smash discord I’m unaware of? I’ve been mostly looking in VGG, fgd and the General discords


The SRK-Smash Discord Mood setup a while ago is the one we’re usually hanging out in. You been there?


I havent been there in a minute I thought I had it saved but apparently no.


Here’s the old invite. See if it’s valid


It’s invalid


I figured. Here ya go then


In now…strange…I still have Splatoon’s discors but it didnt save this one


Ah, I see. Cool. FWIW I was on a food run when you stopped in, otherwise I would have greeted you


You are fine. I do notice that I don’t have permission to see past posts for whatever reason.


That’s odd. Hop back in and we can discuss further

EDIT: It occured to me Mood did something to stop spam bots a while ago. That may be putting a damper on things


King K Rool and Ice Climbers amiibo are available for preorder on amazon

Nintendo amiibo - King K. Rool - Super Smash Bros. Series - Nintendo Wii;GameCube;

Nintendo amiibo - Ice Climbers - Super Smash Bros. Series - Nintendo Wii;GameCube;

Also, though I’m not sure why they made it, there is a collectors edition strategy guide for Smash Ultimate up for preorder. I’m sure this thing is going to be thicc af given how many characters there are in this game. Though it may just got over World of Light and a few other things.
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: Official Collector’s Edition Guide


Pirahna Plant Amiibo up for preorder on Amazon

If you dont mind importing and preordering way in advance Nin-Nin-Game has Ken, Pichu, Isabelle, Young Link and Daisy up for preorder as well




Young Link:



Ridley is the only Amiibo I will ever need again.


Dlc characters for smash have already been chosen, and Nintendo chose them.