Smash Bros Ultimate Thread- The game is finally hear to steal the hearts of all Smashers


Pretty good breakdown on the merits of Hazards ON vs OFF


Apparently he made a follow-up video, which addresses some of the points I brought up in my list.

This doesn’t really change a lot from my initial analysis other than giving me more solid feelings about Peach’s Castle 64 and Brinstar as counterpick options.


Previews for smash have been getting put up today just as a heads up


‘King Bowser’ from Super Mario Bros.3 and arranged by Koji Kondo is available to listen


Looks like NCL is streaming a smash event currently?


Have you guys seen the japanese commercials?


Those are freaking amazing!


RIP Ness being trampled by Yoshi’s.


So heads up. Someone in Mexico broke street date. OSTs have been pouring out of the datamined games. Here’s some proof



Anyone have thoughts about this?


Main concern, as stated in Discord, is that the idea that the CP you learn to play won’t always be there, and it incentivizes people to double down on the Neutrals


Random thought:
Is there still an FD version of Battlefield? And by contrast, is there now a BF version of Final Destination?


Hey guys! I’m sure some of you remember me talking about the Smash Stick and answering questions about 2 months ago. Well, I wanted to update you guys that we just LAUNCHED the Smash Stick on Kickstarter!

If you check out the campaign the campaign page, you can see all the new features that the Smash Stick has. Such as working for both platform AND traditional fighting games!


If you happen to have Let’s Go Pikachu or Eevee on your switch then you’ll get some spirits on Dec. 14th


What’s up everyone. Haven’t been to SRK in a while. Looking forward to Ultimate in 4 days! Got the day off from work, so I won’t be doing anything except playing Smash all day. You can expect a new Ganon guide from me. The buffs he got are soooo gooood.

Yes to both! I’ve seen the BF version of FD.



Well then…


So can we get an Ultimate board, or are we stuck using the Smash 4 board?


Or at least just rename this board.


We need a title update to cover the ridiculousness that is Joker.