Smash Bros Ultimate Thread- You'll remember Secretary's Day this year OR ELSE!


Sorry for the late reply @Colonel-Gilgamesh. I went on vacation and just got back last night.

  1. What is the Melee-Smash4 button for?

When the Smash Stick is set to ‘Melee’ mode:

  • R outputs light-shield
  • Diagonal C-STICK inputs are slightly angled to perform f-smash attacks

When the Smash Stick is set to ‘Smash 4’ mode:

  • R outputs hard-shield.
  • Diagonal C-STICKinputs are angled at 45 degrees allowing C-stick “N-airs” if played in ‘Tilt Stick’ configuration.
  1. How much does a Smash Stick Cost/Planned to Cost?

We expect the Smash Stick to retail for $249 (USD).

  1. Why that order for the buttons?

The button layout was designed around the shape of the hand. When broken down, Smash is a 4 button fighting game: attack, shield, jump, and special. By placing these buttons on the home-row (white buttons), the player will always have access to all actionable states without having to shift their hand.


  • Throws can be perform like Street Fighter (Shield + Attack)

Technically, the home-row buttons (white buttons) on the Smash Stick are the only buttons that a player needs to use to play Smash.

  1. What was some of the feedback?

Feedback we got from CEO? Just positive reception – we didn’t get any negative feedback/criticism regarding the Smash Stick at CEO.

Throughout the Smash Stick’s development, however; we have asked the the community for feedback through our Youtube videos and in-person at tournaments. Nearly all design decisions have been influenced or came from the community, such as:

  • Easily accessible start/toggle buttons (allows 20xx training codes / Taunts to be performed)
  • Having the joystick using an octagon gate that’s aligned for Shield drops in Melee
  1. What are some of the ways you’re planning to appeal to Smashers, who probably lack the background to appreciate playing on Stick?

Well the Smash Stick was originally started by 2 players. Myself and my business partner – Broasty. I originally came from a fighting game background and wanted to continue playing Smash with an arcade stick; while Broasty came from a competitive Melee background and needed an alternate controller in order to continue playing smash (diagnosed with Thoracic Outlet Syndrome, Carpel Tunnel Syndrome, and Cubital Tunnel Syndrome).

Much of the Smash community supports our controller, but we want to continue showing people the ergonomics and inspiration behind the Smash Stick. We intended for the Smash Stick not to be just a novelty – but a utility.

An example of some of our fighting game inspiration is the button layout itself. Many fighting game inputs are preserved in the Smash Stick’s button layout.

  • Throw: Performed the same way as Street Fighter
  • Jump-Canceled Grab: Performed the same way as a ‘kara’ grab from Third Strike
  • Double Shine -> Wavedash: Same ‘piano’ method as (SF4) Chun Li Lightning Legs / Honda’s HHS
  • SH Double Laser (Fox): Same ‘hop’ input on joystick as KOF
  • Pivot F-Smash: ‘just-frame’ input similar to Tekken

Throughout 2018, we plan to continue attending tournaments demoing the Smash Stick and releasing YouTube content to show more about the Smash Stick.

Do you have any more questions? I’d love to talk more about the Smash Stick, so long as people are interested.


Honestly, it’s not like we have much else to talk about so I sure don’t see the harm in talking about your Smash-related product in a Smash thread.

I do have to wonder why it’s a $250 stick though. That’s a bit too much for my budget, even if I otherwise find the idea behind the product kind of amusing.


I’m also majorly underfunded, so I can’t afford a 250$ stick


Sticks are expensive as hell to make for an average joe. Especially this one with the man hours put into it to make it work for smash. He could also be building it by hand as well. I do hope it becomes successful tho.


That’s a fair point. It nonetheless remains out of my price range, but I can see the point.


Agreed, I am too poor, but I wish to support it and will spread word of mouth awareness if I can


I appreciate that transitioning people would want to use a stick and understand the cost of providing such a thing. I wholeheartedly encourage such a thing. I might even give it a try if you’ll have it available at EVO.

However, I can’t imagine anyone who’s already invested in Smash would want it, though. Playing on a non-controller seems… “wrong” to me.



Nearly everything in the Smash Stick was custom made by us and we have a high amount of parts we need to manufacture – hence the price point. At CEO, we recently had an 4 minute interview with Video Game Choo Choo if anyone would want to check that out.
(Interview starts at 06:43)

We also have a website that has more information about the controller as well.


Yeah I’d probably aim for around $150, you’re a new entry into the market and I doubt most customers will want to fork out $250 for a stick, even if they do give you positive reception, how many of those positive responses will be willing to meet that price point. Or attempting to make a premium version alongside a default, more budget version. Think that should probably be prime concern should you want to take it super far as a business venture.


Snake Eater got a rearrangement

Done by Nobuko Toda


Dammit, none of the tunes I want remade getting remade. At least Snake Eater is a good song in general


There is always far more made then what is previewed on the website so don’t give up hope. The fact that Snake Eater got a rearrangement and the fact Jun did something other than sonic has me hopefull for other mixes. The only things I personally want music wise is for more remixes of Sonic since the last he got anything new was Brawl and stuff for FFVII since that game got the shaft hard in 4.


“F-Zero Medley” arranged by Takenobu Mitsuyoshi is now available to listen too

I believe this is the first time F-Zero has gotten a medley…also this has lyrics in it.


Posting here because I believe the Smash 4 thread is basically dead at this point.

How many of y’all are coming to EVO? Not necessarily registered, but coming?



Related: I lucked out big time on my Round 1 pool. Not only am I in the afternoon (critical since I am arriving late the previous night), but I think there’s only one “bigger name” player in the group. Doesn’t mean there aren’t other good players, but it’s nice to know I’m not running into a monster right out the gate.

Also, this:


I figured Smash would be there…it’s free publicity at this point. Kiiiinda hoping we get some sort of reveal maybe at Evo since this seems to be the prime place to do it.


I’m not expecting a reveal this soon. The earliest I expect more news on Ultimate is probably around September.
if we did get one, my guess would be for an ARMS character.


Galaga medley by yusuke tamahama is up on the website