Smash Brothers at next Evo?


Someone mentioned this in the XSF thread, but why not? Quite a few people play this game at tournaments. Evo2k3 helped unite arcade and console fighting game tournaments into a single big event that boosted the whole community. Being in a tournament like Evo would only highten this game’s popularity.

I say the higher the attendance, the closer we come to sponorship ($100,000 for Countersrike, jesus…)


The main thing is that SSBM is generally regarded as a ‘fun’ game rather than a serious fighting game, i don’t know of anyone that stays up all night studying mario’s frame data, or playing $100 money matches… Maybe i’m wrong but that’s the impression i have.


also, all the console games at evo have arcade counterparts that were, for whatever reason, played on console.

more or less, they were played on console not 'cause they’re console exclusive like ssbm, but out of necessity.


One of the biggest Smash Bros tournaments in the USA (if not THE biggest), had a 50$ entry, and over 100 people entered.




Point taken… I wonder if it’s something that can be duplicated…


i am flipping multiple shits right now what the fuck.


Say there was a tourney on this…would you prefer a arcade stick or the GC controller?:slight_smile:


I think that more console players will always increase the community, specially considering that arcades are far away from their peak in the market right now.


I know a lot of people that would go to EVO for SSBM. I for one am not a fan of the game but this isn’t a bad idea.


Technically if we just want turnout we could do ssbm and madden and CS and just forget SF… but that would of course defeat the original purpose of the event.

The main question IMO is whether it fits well enough with our scene to include it. The only real way to know is to try it, but IMO evo is not the place to start experimenting. Introduce it at some weeklies and see how it fits in, what the players think and go from there.


I agree with you, so maybe someone who really likes SSBM could actually get an event going on for them instead of having them at EVO.


If other non-capcom games made it why not?

There is already a ridiculous # of games being played, that’ll be a huge strike against it…


i think it would be nice for a twist cause there are a fair share of people that would join a tourny for this game


FMJaguar: No need for the sarcastic remark. I think we all agree Evo should be fighting games only. You yourself said the future of competitive fighting games is in console tournaments. Did you change your mind?


We just have to be sensible. It would be totally unfair to have the 3s players have to go have their own national, and reintroduce everyone to the game just to get noticed. Then just start throwing in SSBM when i haven’t even seen a tournament for it at the same time as SF. As far as the ‘scene’, it’s not EVOs sole responsibility to carry every console game, it represents it’s part. As i said in my last post, if the players go prove that SSBM is a good addition to the SRK style scene and there shouldn’t be a problem.


It could be intersting if SSBM were played at Evo.

But let’s hope no characters get outlawed for no readily apparent reason!

I am, or course, talking about Kaze-Con’s no Mr.G&W or Mewtwo rule.WTF! Those are my favorite characters!
Sometimes I’m convinced that there are conspiracies against me playing in tourneys…


Smash Bros at Evo would be awesome. Over the last year the Smash community has gotten very far and it has become a very valid competative game. I think both communities would benifit from Smash Bros being included in Evo. I’d definitly attend for it.


setting a few things straight

  1. SSBM has a dedicated following of extremely skilled players that have spent countless hours studying even the most assinine aspects of the game like frame rate, fractional damage reduction, distance in regard to strength of attack and weight of character, etc. And we’ll spend hours arguing about the finer points of it online. I would also like to point out the average age of people at tournaments is over 18.

I conceed that a majority of people who play SSBM don’t delve that deep into the game, but neigher do most SF players. We travel across the country (I’ve personally played in tournaments in IL, MI, OH, TX, CA and I’m scheduled to play in tournaments in IN and VA in the coming weeks) and even world (I’ve played against players from Europe and Canada). We also play money matches for over a 100 dollars. There are currently large tournaments held regularly in every region of the country and in almost ever state (even Alaska).

  1. SSBM has a long list of advanced and unique strategies. Crouch canceling, L canceling, wave dashing, grab chains, and even combinations (most people don’t release that SSBM has combinations though they are far more difficult to perform than your standard SF combos).

  2. SSBM requires a great deal of skill, practice, and natural ability to play on a tournament level. Your expert SSBM player and the veteran will win 100% of the time and by an overwhelming amount.

Take your typical hardcore SF player, give him a month with the game and the SSBM veteran will still wax that player by a huge degree. This is not to say one game requires more skill than other, but that SSBM requires a great deal of time investment to get competitive in; additionaly being good in any other fighting game does not translate into a head start in SSBM (besides having a natural apptitude in fighting games).

  1. Tournament games are almost exclusively 1:1 or team battle and there is tremedous balance in game, far better than say Tekken.

  2. SSBM is the hottest fighting game in Japan. We’re talking people who know their fighting games. I’ve talked with Japanese gamers who have been in tournaments with thousands of contestants. Recently a tournament partially sponsered by Nintendo was so huge they had to break it down in regional elimintation. IGN overseas corrispondents likens the following to a religion.

I’m a pretty hardcore gamer myself (I’ve played competitive SF, Tekken, and I’m looking for a competive GG XX scene). The game is more balanced than Tekken 4, deeper than either of the Capcom vs series, and faster than SF. Indeed there is no fighting game more popular atm and you can look at the sales figures to prove it. Not even Tekken 4 on a much more popular console could out sell SSBM.

It’s certainly not this tournaments responcibilty to carry
SSBM, but if Evo wants to represent the best fighting games on the market SSBM has clearly earned it’s place.

I’m sure most players at Evo are ignorant about the SSBM scene because SSBM players are for the most part a different breed of players (most competitive gamers either play SSBM as their exculsive fighting game or darn close, there are exceptions to the rules like me though), but this is a great bonus. You don’t have players torn between devotions (like say GGXX and SF). By introducing this game as an equal part of Evo you’ll draw in whole new crowd of gamers and yes you’ll still mantain the integrity of a serious fighting tournament.

So my point in short is that SSBM represents the newest form of fighting games. It’s easy to look at the cutesy characters and forgot that (I mean how can you represent with a pokemon?), but make no mistake that just as VF and Tekken heralded a new wave of fighting games SSBM represents the same.


Amen, brotha.


I personally would love to see Melee in Evo. The problem lies in the community, though. If the community bickers and whines about such a customizeable game, imagine how the Cannons will enjoy it. Though, my personal thought on it is to say “fuck you” to the whiners (IE, H2YL), and continue on with the way it’s run here. There may be small disputes as of now which can be worked with, but that’s nothing compared the whole items debate. If we instead just ignore the concept and take the majority’s vote for fact, it’ll be more likely that Melee will be allowed.