Smash Brothers Melee?

Are there any Smash Melee players going to EVO? This is my first EVO and I was wondering if anyone brings Smash setups to the BYOC section or anything.

People play fighting games at evo

you might be able to find a setup or two, but not much more than that

Get this shit out of here.

not here to start a smash debate. as someone who plays and appreciates both “normal” fighting games and smash, i’m just looking for people to play with. i don’t need ignorant comments from people who’ve never touched smash in their life.

If someone had a machine set up, I’d probably take a swing at someone.

Any counter-strike players going to Evo? I have a copy of CS for the original Xbox, anyone want to play?

Wow, you guys are kind of dicks. (Please note: I consider the Smash series to be a video game in the fighting genre.)

I’d take the initiative to start your own station in BYOC.