Smash Brothers & SkullGirls: Bonding Communities?

And that’s more or less what this would be except that being independent would give us more scope to, for example, complain about Microsoft (which would probably either not be allowed or closely watched if Lab Zero ran it, for fear of making things worse).

Just a thought; would it be possible for a fan forum to be “officially endorsed” by Lab Zero, having benefits like having a direct link from the site, while still being independent, or would that create too much (potentially legal) complication?

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Possibly, except the term ‘officially endorsed’ is probably a bit much to hope for, because it would mean that they are responsible for anything that goes on the site. They could always just acknowledge it as a central hub for the community, but that of course requires us to prove ourselves first.

Ok a bit over 24 hours has passed . Unfortunately, my friend is busy with other things atm to help fund this website and I don’t think he is too interested in this game to begin with(“The Art doesn’t agree with me” ). I can help contribute to pay out of my own pocket(Although i can’t go into the triple digits atm unless we wait a bit) though if we are serious with this.I’ll leave that offer in the air.

I suggest waiting at least a week or two before we start though so it would give some people enough time to get some $ back after the Donation Drive squeezing some peoples wallets dry.

My original post on the topic of getting our own forum.

I overlooked the possibility of Lab Zero branching out to a non-fighter. That would be another good reason to have an independent site, since we’d be able to discuss/cover that too. Which is great, because as 0sh said, Skullgirls is pretty unique in how interested people are in it for non-competitive reasons.

I would just throw down the money right now if I could, but it’ll be a few months before my new job starts and until then I need to save every penny I have.

IF the community is to move to a separate site, I don’t quite understand the desire to use a commercial forum software, to be honest. Saving $250 sounds like a good idea to me, although I am a bit of an open source advocate.

I would recommend SMF, however it has kind of turned to shit a bit in recent years. Wedge isn’t out yet… how about FluxBB? Has a good name… haha!

I could also put my name forward for web dev work if necessary, happy to help out however. That is not to say web DESIGN, but dev work if we want any custom work like google calendar integration or whatnots.

Lets just stay on SRK, seriously what do we really gain from seperating off with such a small community?

I don’t think our community is small, it’s just really spread out thin across the world.

SkullGirls at SRK only attracts the competitive players, but there’s plenty more people interested in the art, the lore, the voices and the Lab Zero team that would probably join a SkullGirls forum.

It wouldn’t surprise me if people didn’t want to come to SRK because it seemed too intimidating because of its competitive background.

I personally use a lot of open source software, and even occasionally contribute to it. However, the reason I want to use paid forum software is because this is going to be open to a large number of people so I would want the trifecta of Security, Longevity, and Support (and having extra features is also nice - a lot of open-source software places too much emphasis on being lightweight at the expense of rather basic features). Many of the free forums have one or two of these but I’ve yet to see one that has all three up to a decent level, so I’d want to at least eventually switch to a paid alternative and my logic is that if we can do this straight away then we don’t have to deal with the hassle of migrating software at a later stage. That said, hosting is a necessity while good software is a luxury (albeit a high-priority one), so if we really have trouble raising money I guess we could go down that route.

Also, I’ll keep you in mind if I need any help setting things up, though to be honest I’m still trying to figure our what features the site is going to have and in what order they should be implemented.

@Number 13: Thanks for the offer. I don’t want to wait too long before starting, both because I don’t want to lose momentum but also because my university starts back at the end of this month and the first week or two is always really busy. But there’s also quite a bit of groundwork I want to do anyway, so I probably won’t be asking for money before this time next week at the very earliest but it helps to let people know in advance.

EDIT: @Lord_Raptor - I’ve set out why I think it’s a good idea in my previous posts (EDIT2: unless you meant that as a rhetorical question, I was assuming not when replying), though you don’t have to agree with me. The SRK sub-forum also won’t be dying any time soon and we’re not trying to rival what SRK offers, so I think having both places would be beneficial to the community as a whole.

A lot of the things the smash community has, such as a site targeted to the community’s needs rather than a dozen communities’ needs, as well as a kind of separatist attitude that long-term is valuable for cohesiveness and brotherliness. Separatist may be the wrong word, so to elaborate, I mean the idea that you have to run things for yourself because nobody’s on your side. That kind of thing. It’s a huge source of the smash community’s strength, to know that unless we’re running this, nobody is. Granted, you guys still have Lab Zero to help you, but there’s no way they can do everything needed to keep a large community strong by themselves, especially when they’re busy developing the game itself. Most communities don’t need this because they aren’t relying on one game to last them for many years and because they get a lot of sponsorship from their devs, but smash does need it, and skullgirls likely will as well.

Yeah I agree if we wait TOO long the momentum we got will get lost.
This will require some planning and organization for this not being half-assed so i think maybe a week will suffice if we can get enough support among the community for this

Should we make another thread that discusses this possible venture?

Putting my offer back on the table about hosting your site/forum.

I don’t have a free host either. I pay for my shit, and I essentially have a fuck ton of storage and essentially “unlimited” bandwidth. I put unlimited in quotation because it technically is unlimited, but extremely high server loads (which happens from time to time with every new release of Project: M) knock me down for a few hours.

That being said, I dont have shit like IPB or XenFro or w/e. So if you guys want to pony up for that, be my guest.

SMF is master race imo tho.

YES. I don’t think some people know that this is topic being dicussed here. It needs its own thread…maybe with a poll

Indeed, and this thread can return to being about strengthening ties between Smash and Skullgirls.

Also @GHNeko Cool, thanks. We’ll see if it is possible to raise enough money to do it ourselves, but if not I’ll keep that in mind.

Done and done.[’] To forum or not to forum...]('To forum or not to forum...)

Woah guys can’t believe we raised 225 MILLION dollars together! Take that bill gates.

I swear to god if ign reuploaded the video already with a correction. Also your site doesn’t allow for time stamps and I’m not doing it AGAIN on a phone so skip ahead to Evo news half way through.

Anyways congratulations on the dual win for Evo that we both asked for. It’s nice sg is getting mad recognition after all they did. Enjoy CEO and whatever keits calls his tourney. We’ll hopefully be at winter melee 7 ( yeah I said it) fist bump?

Wonder if even The Wolf could save IGN on how to research properly

Wow, IGN as smart as ever it seems.

IGN used to actually be pretty reliable. Hopefully now that they’ve been sold off by News Corp. they can return to proper reporting.