Smash Combat (Windsor)

Hello fellow smashers, looking to find others interested in the Windsor scene. Mainly for brawl, melee is sweet but there is no new blood learning to SHFFL anymore so it’s out of date. Please post here, and join the facebook group if you want to smash and get some skills. I need some competition, did this before for melee finding many people in the area, now it’s time to awaken the Brawl scene :slight_smile:



Hey… Melee is never out of date get it right. It’s eternal unlike SSBB

I just recently learned to shffl but it’s not as fast as a regular melee players shffl. I still don’t know what it’s supposed to sound like when you push the buttons so my rythm is off.

^Whats your main?

FAlco but I’m trying to learn luigi and mewtwo as well. Don’t tell me they suck, I’m just learning the game for kicks, not so I can join some hood ass little melee tourney.

Nah yo play what you like I don’t hate. I too play Falco, and Roy for joys. But the best way to SHFFL (with Falco) consistently is l cancel right when you see dust clouds. Your not supposed to hear a special sound either you just notice it. I myself don’t l cancel NAIRs because the recovery time is fast enough so it’s not needed. I think Hungrybox didn’t l cancel at all during his first tournies, but then again he plays Puff. Just try to SHFFL shine against lvl 1 to practice combos alone. If you do it right you’ll shine instantly.

for melee shffl is a bit overrated if you’re just picking up the game, sadly it takes a while but learning the capabilities of your enemies especially while playing with your main will help a ton more. Knowing spacing for attacks and dodging, not to mention combos to KO and edge guarding is important stuff. I ended up skipping SHFFL sort of, since only a few characters get mad enhancement from mastering it, such as cpt. falcon. You should pick up shffl just like you pick up teching and side dodging, naturally. Unless you wanna tower spike with falcon, or shine ppl off the board with fox. hehe
I’m just saying all this because, wave dashing is where it’s at, especially with luigi since he’s got the biggest wavedash. WD is a skill worth spending a ton of time learning, because you won’t pick it up naturally, and gives a huge advantage and time saving over other techniques. mewtwo, bleh :stuck_out_tongue:
And if you do plan on beating good ppl in melee, I’ve seen tourneys where ppl can’t handle fighting with platforms, or have never faced a skilled link or peach or anything. play lots, and practice moves you’re going to use :smiley:

My most recent skill I’m learning is in brawl, edge guarding by head stomping lol.

L canceling consistently is more important than wavedashing. That’s how combos work lol. So many good players don’t wavedash