Smash instead of upper?

hey guys this is my very first post on srk.Ive been needing help on trying to get the ex upper loop(just started playing on a TE stick) and i always seem to be getting smash instead of upper .i know its charge DB then F but i always get smash.any advice? I appreciate any advice thanks :slight_smile:

The smash has priority over the upper. If you hit down forward before hitting forward you will get a smash even if you end it in the forward position. You just need to practice it a lot in training mode. Turn input display on so that you can see what exactly you are pressing.

so what would be the correct input to consistently get the upper over the smash?

The correct thing to do would be hitting F instead of D/F. There’s no advice for this, all you can do is practice. Like the above psoter said, turn on input display in training mode.

Just try hitting the F position a bit higher on the stick, almost like you are trying to hit UF but not quite. I don’t have this problem at all anymore, but when I was starting out, that helped me out a lot until muscle memory took over.

Even if you hit u/f, the rush will still come out. That is the easiest way for me at least.

i usually just go from db to uf…no problem there

Just practice in training. Do the motion you normally do.

Then, just tweak it upwards about a half inch and get used to that.

Like everyone else said, Up Forward works just as good, considering your not buffering any charge.

You lose all charge anyway when you press forward.

Practice more and you’ll get it.

I suggest you try this combo.

Jp. HP/HK >> st. HK >> st. LP XX ex Rush Upper

>> = Link
XX = Cancel

I like this combo, above, because you never have to crouch after your initial jump in.
It’s much easier to land the ex Rush Upper on that combo above than say…

Jp. HP/Hk >> Cr. MK >> Cr. LK XX ex Rush Upper

Give it a shot

I had this problem. Train yourself to do U/f instead of F like everyone else is saying