Smash League 2.0 Thread: Hammerspace 9


Me and manie are available for the rest of the night. I will be in IRC. If im not. Tell mood to text me


Y’all niggas been on this shit for like 3 weeks and still ain’t got it done…



Fuck you po, shut up and play


I jus want everyone to know. @KaboXx has been the reason we havent done this thing. lol


I clearly clearly posted my schedule this week. and you fuckers dont say shit when i go into the IRC. so lick my balls dre.


@“The Martian” In IRC if you’re able to hop on


So remember that ffa thing you all wanted

Well fuck you guys, you’re all eliminated and I will claim my own prize!

Moving on, would you guys be interested in an online tournament one night?


everyone’s too scared of losing


I was down for that shit, but it only took one person to ruin it…

Fuck you Divastarrr


I’m down for whatever.


I’m in, but I know ain’t none of you fuckers gonna show up.


Im free weekends, whats good for you guys?


I can do friday after 8 central or saturday






Ill do sign ups for a weekend online tournament. Just let sign up with what day is good for you so like

Mood4food77 - Friday

Standard rules, ill see about single or double elim with the amount of entrants




Sonichuman - Whatever…mostly every night after 10 since my schedule is random. The days I can do it earlier I’ll let people know.


Lemme know when u hosting it. im down. plz match me with po lol


Obviously random so if you dont get him round 1 you probably wont fight him