Smash Player, Frosty talks about the FGC community


so, bullcrap or naw?


who gives a fuck bruh?


This is the second time this idiot has been given his own thread.


Nygga, ppl make mistakes. I just wanted to see peoples thoughts. Doesnt make me an idiot




To whichever mod that dropped this trash here and was too pussy to just close it:



Who the fuck is frosty…and why do scrubs keep pointing to this bullshit video to start shit with the community?


You wanted peoples thoughts and you got it. The thoughts that this shouldnt even be here first off. Add an F in front of this forum section and that’s where this shouldve went. FGD.

Secondly, why the fuck should I care what this guy says? I dont even play smash, nor do I really even watch the streams.

Also, Nigga doesnt get language filtered here. You can spell it properly and not get yelled at.


Oh my God, go away.


Ok @M3llow_Balrog‌ I’m put this in layman’s Term for you: THIS IS GENERAL DISCUSSION NOT FIGHTING GENERAL DISCUSSION.

Ok did you get all that?


I was actually talking about the idiot in the video, but everyone else that’s posted seems to think you’re an idiot, sooooo…


im not talking about fighting games, i guess some people cant read. ALL i really wanted to do was see peoples thoughts on this guy who talked about yalls community. I dont want to get anything started, no fights, beef, anything, I simply wanted you guys to tell me if he doesnt know crap ir something.