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Smash 4:

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stream teams: - not always Smash 4, but they are one of the biggest smash streams in the country. They have a Tuesday weekly Smash 4 tournament. - The other big smash team. Sometimes Isai streams Smash 64 online, sometimes they stream events for various smash games. - Hosted by PBnJ, streams Smash 4 a lot, including online stuff. - I think they host online tournaments

Smash 4’s answer to SaltyBet:

Some popular player streams:

Feel free to post streams for other games as well.


Clashtournaments just finished up a local tournament. Nairo took it with ZSS (he has been playing a lot of characters, like Robin, Zelda, Dark Pit, and Palutena, but ZSS i think is actually a good character) in really dominating fashion. And REALLY impressive stuff with Dsmash reads and INCREDIBLE converts. Really, really cool to watch, he did things I’ve never seen which is always entertaining. I suppose I’ll post the youtube video if it gets uploaded into the Video thread.