Smash the Old, Get the New (tourney 3/31/07) Alice, TX

Hey guys, a friend of mind told me about a tourney and asked that I advertise it. So here it is!! :smiley:

Smash the Old, Get the New
North point Computers.
62 S. King Street
Alice, Texas
for any info, call: 361-460-0367
Contact: Rickey Saenz

Super Smash Bros Melee
Street Fighter: 3rd Strike

Smash is basic MLG rules

I’m assuming rules for 3S are best 2/3 matches and double elimination.

Registration starts at 4pm
cost for registration is $3 and $10 for each game.

3S starts at 4:30pm
Smash starts at 5pm

They have 4 tvs, 3 cubes, and 2ps2s. So if attending, please bring a tv and/or system. It would greatly be appreciated.

Also, half of each prize pot goes to a fund-raiser for software for an elementary school. So it’s for a good cause :smiley:

also, there can be more games if you want so long as the systems are there for it. So example if you want to play MvC2, then be sure to bring a Dreamcast…or if you want, just play it on ps2 >_>