Smash to hip hop

mostly comparing to the hip hop mainstream. indie analogy don’t work
ssb64 = early days of hip hop. grandmaster flash and the likes. establishes the genre
ssbm = the golden era. late 80s to 1994 approx. with the likes of rakim, kool g rap, big daddy kane, nas, wu-tang, kmd and others it was the illest.
ssbb = 50 cent, lil wayne others alike. insanely popular mediocre stuff

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Do not want. And you are so wrong.

So, I’m just wondering…

Do you KNOW how irrelivant and Terrible this thread is!?
Ive never seen anything quite like it!!! (NOT a compliment.)

No mention of Easy-e? He was the soul of melee.

You got Brawl all wrong. It is more like Afroman. A bit calmer and slower than others in its genre but still sexy in its own way. Colt 45 is pretty much Dedede’s theme. Just saying.

This thread should not exist closes eyes and prays


SSBM = Vanilla Ice

SSBB = Eminem

  1. This is a bad thread and you should feel bad.

  2. This is also an ideal opportunity to post this.


I still say Melee is Easy-e and Brawl is Afroman.

what u talking about?
melee is marvel jr!!!


Even more funny

So why is this thread still alive, again?