Smashbros mod on Kickstarter... Could something this retarded be real?!


That’s hot.


For the record the Project M team never received a C&D from Nintendo. They got a lawyer, realized that Nintendo could sue them for everything they’d ever own in their lives, and decided it wasn’t worth it. If Nintendo was adamant about shutting down PM then they had plenty of time and effective methods to do so. Point still stands though, this guy is an absolute idiot.


I never said they got a C&D, only legal action taken against them. Project M should of gotten a Lawyer, it allowed them to settle out of court will alot less lost.
Nintendo waits till the moment of release so they can claim damages, they haven’t send a C&D in a long time.


Even settling out of court is a pretty steep price, so when they talked with the lawyer they decided to abandon further development. My bad on the C&D, I misread your posts.


It’s cool.

Yeah A C&D isn’t legal action, it’s a legal nicety.
Like a fair warring, issue is C&D don’t go into a public record afterwards.
Court records are public (even if you move to settle out of court), and a company has the legal responsibility to protect their IP, sometimes aggressively.

It also show that if company gone too soft they could lose the next case.

It is the OP that thinks there going to be a C&D.

I think Nintendo and others are taking their time to build their case.

I do think it’s sad for the guy who start his KS to only have $20 and 5 backers half way though.


It’s 'cause no one gonna fund this shitty mod that will almost assuredly get Nintendo’s own Mjolnir dropped onto it before it could ever come out, and everyone knows it.


I know that, it still just plain sad to see $20 from 5 backers
It’s like a sign he should quit the project now and delete all his work


Goddammit this shitty post is becoming more popular than the thread for my game :bawling:


What happened first, this or the Flappy Bird fiasco?

That guy seems to have come out fine given that he did much worse.


Makes a mod out of a game that’s not even theirs and still tries to sell it for profit… Yea… this guy DEFINITELY has the right idea… not. Don’t know what this guy is thinking but he’s an idiot if he thinks anything good is gonna come of this.


With Flappy bird, he just reused someone’s assets. If they were not the distinct Super Mario world assets he would of been fine.
But they are very distinct Mario images being used Nintendo brought on the Mjolnir drop in form of a lawsuit. It looks like it was settled out of court.

This is straight up much worst, Not just he modifying a game and calling it his own, he also infringing on a number of other copyrights from Ubisoft, Konami, and Microsoft.
Each could bring their own lawsuit to the guy, which he have to fight separately.

The funniest thing, I followed his intro video to the guys YouTube channel. link
There as this comment by the creator

Yes, just as every one of those IP holders will have their sharks people watching the internet for reactions.


This gets better and better. Oh man let’s see how far it will go


Lmfao, this reminded me of a story of an upstart ski company that basically began and died within a few days. Years ago at SIA, which is the ski and snowboard industry trade show, equivalent to E3, a new company had a booth. At the 3rd day during the opening, people were still setting up as in years past you work during the day and towards the end start partying. Anyway, its not uncommon to have celebrities attend the show, even those that have never ski/board as this trade show was held in Vegas. So, as the reps of this company was setting up their products, one being a pair of skis that on the graphics was the iconic tongue sticking out of one of the member’s of KISS. Like clockwork, as the rep is setting the second ski on display, Gene Simmons walks by and notices what’s on the ski. After confronting the owner of the company, they took the skis down for the remainder of the the show and it was the last time anyone in the industry heard from them.


Many people fail to realize Musicians such as Gene Simmons of KISS and James Hetfield of Metallica and many others are business men first, Celebrities second.
Biggest example is Marshall Mathers AKA Eminem, who now produce records for other artist.
You don’t stay successful in the music industry for decades without knowing your way around how business and IP law works.


Yeah, they will finally get the last few hundred Bison Dollars out of circulation in 12/03/2099. The MX$ catches on pretty fast afterwards, according to my Quantum History professor.

You know…I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone try to fuck with so many companies at the same time…


Musicians are treasure hoarding dragons when it comes to IP. They will often destroy their own self interest to protect what they own.


Holy shit.

“any plans to team up with nintendo (stretch goal) ?”



No, IP law pretty much require IP holders to aggressively protect their accents.

I do admit the music industry is kinda stupid in this regards


You don’t need a penny to do mods for an N64 game. Why work on mods for the N64 version when you can mod Smash for WiiU?

This guy is trying to finesse people.


Well both are illegal. :coffee: