Smashbros mod on Kickstarter... Could something this retarded be real?!


I didn’t know where else to put this steaming pile… general discussion seemed like a good spot.


I’m going to save this under my Kickstarter account and see what happens.


What the hell is MX$…?
EDIT: AH, he’s from Florida, that explains it.


Megaman X dollars. It’s the currency they use in the year 20XX.


Scared me that a mod is inclined to smash bros. Staffed moderator.




Why add new items and stages when the community will just ban them?


Does not matter, this KS is lawsuit bait, Nintendo is going to go down on the modders like a hungry high school football team on a all you can eat buffet.


smash squiggas

changing the game because they want to
but still want to be paid for it.

‘The games not mine, but my time’s not free’ :wtf:

Shoutouts to christopher harmason >> this dude thinks he deserves money.




I kinda feel bad, he might actually be retarded…


Hey at least the stuff that comes from things like this can be entertaining.


I like how he mentions 12 new characters and stages, then shows 4 reskins and 2spooky Dootstination like we’re meant to be eagerly anticipating his next reveal.

What baffles me is how poorly this was thought out by a guy that has some semblance of modding capability. Like how do you know how to design and import an entire level, but don’t know how to justify costs and how copyright works? Like it seems that he’s trying to circumvent it by specifying that they’re only “donations” and he’s “not making money off the project”, but that shit doesn’t fly even if it’s 100% fan made with no funding at all (see: Pokémon: Uranium).

Is this like book smarts without street smarts? Because I think that’s called autism.


Pokémon: Uranium, Project M, AM2R, all got shut down by Nintendo

It does not matter if you made a cent or not, it only matters is if Nintendo can claim damages.
And Nintendo no longer send C&D letters, they now send a angrier letter saying they will see you in court for more money than you can possibly make in a year.
Or a mere 10k (or so) and you signing a agreement saying not just you never do this again, you can never speak bad about the company again or the agreement made.
Breaking the contract will put you back at square one with the lawsuit.


jesus fuck this is beyond clueless.
if the person doing it isn’t a kid, like >= 15 years old…


Is it me or Does rayman look like he smoked some weed and his eyes got stuck


It’s called cheap fan made 3D modeling

The guy running the project does not get a number of real world concerns and issues such as IP law.
Getting character eyes right should be the least of his concerns.

And what is up with the fake currency of MN$. I tried to google for MN$ and all I got was Minnesota.
Why have a alternate currency at all if he based in Florida?


More Noodle Cash?

Top Ramen stipends, especially after a Nintendo lawsuit.


This shit reminds me of when a 15 year old put a Mugen fighter on steam greenlight.


I’m going to say that, not to his defense or anything, but are we sure he knows what trouble he’s going to get himself into? Does he research anything regarding prophiting off of a major company’s franchise without consent? Does he /has he seen what happens to projects like this?

I think he is either naive or ignorant to research on this type of modding, and at worst, he can get fined for this project, or if Nintendo/Ubisoft/Konami/Rare is merciful, a cease letter killing this project.

I’m hoping that this guy is just young and doesn’t know what he’s doing


From what I read and heard, Nintendo done sending C&D letters. The C&D letter is a “legal nicety”, there no reason a company has to send a C&D.

Fined? Try taken to court for hundreds of thousands of dollars for damages over IP infringement. That isn’t a fine, that sell your house, car and hope you have enough at the end that you don’t go to bankruptcy court.