Smells like fried chicken! ORO!

Yeah so I need help on how to beat Oro. This match up is so fucking hard. His small hitbox makes it really hard for Ibuki to get hits in. When my opposition is playing keep away as Oro I can’t get in. Most of my damage as Ibuki comes from close combat. Oro makes that impossible. S.HK makes it impossible to get in close to oro. It also does a shit load of stun.

Oro completely ducks QCB+KK so I’m not getting that shit off since 3s is “block low and react to overheads” THANKS CHUN-LI! Anyway back on topic. I also dont know how to deal with tengu stone. Thats where the real trouble comes in. Once Oro gets that S.MP it’s lights out for Ibuki. I’m not good at setting up bait. Because I can’t parry. Is this match really impossible to win if you can’t parry?

I cant use SA3, all Ibuki players say to use SA3 against Oro. But that shit is impossible. SA3 makes the situation worse than what it already is. It really limits me as far as options go. I know you can punish random pokes. But when good players know this, they arent going to random poke. Doesnt that defeat the purpose of sa3?

Being a SA3 Ibuki, I have no problems with Oro. Most Oro players love to throw out random pokes to try to slow down Ibuki’s rush. That’s when my SA3 counters the random pokes. I really don’t play Oro with SA1, so I don’t know any good set-ups for him with that super. Use the mk > raida combo often because it’s the only combo that doesn’t whiffs and safe on block. Two main reasons I see why you can’t beat Oro is you can’t parry and the lack using SA3. Not only you limited by the small hitbox, but now you limited to the options that should be used on Oro. I say hit up the practice mode and learn SA3 and parry.

When I do use SA3, it’s mostly in combos. I dont know how to judge the distance of sa3.

So what I should do is hit up that training mode, parry and learn sa3?

hahahahhaha sa 3.

why not just use your slide a lot and parry low on block or hit? I know a lot of Ibuki’s use that, and it goes waaaaaaay under oro’s roundhouse, maybe forward too?

If he whiffs a st. RH why don’t you react to it with a toward roundhouse with ibuki or a forward to command dash to close the gap? It’s not an easy match up but it shouldn’t be a hard one either I don’t think. I could be wrong though. I’m just saying stuff based off of what I used to watch some dude I knew. Feint.

Oro is by far the hardest matchup for Ibuki for me. I beat him using SA1 though; not Sa3 (and I love Sa3).

I’d suggest using alot of feigns and baits to beat him. A good idea to get them used to the idea that you like to jump in and attack; so after a round or so, switch what you do during the jump; come down ready to parry, or block; then combo from there.

I suggest learning one of the many versions of Ibuki’s reset launch strings, it gives you time to think and throws off the opponents motions for awhile.

If you’re going to learn SA3, then you just need to learn when and where to use it, distance should never be a factor. Treat it almost like shinkuuhadoukens, if you get a jkick or, or anything small like that, you can use it.

Also try to find out what it’s faster than; I’ve played alot of dudely’s lately, and they love to use the rose in the corner to simply stop whatever you’re doing, SA3 is just fast and low enough for you to escape using it. With oro, if he tries to do the hit>grab on your wake, if you can parry the initial hit, then you can use Sa3.

A simple and easy combo again Oro goes something like:
sweep,sRH, jab, overhead, SA3. (You have to walk forward slowly after the RH to get the jab to land, then overhead, the end of the “combo” isn’t REALLY a combo, so they CAN knock you out of the overhead, you can remedy this by using s.MK instead of the overhead, since the knee does combo in. Also if you don’t have bar, throw in a rDP+k, it seems to land 80% of the time for me.)

Thank goodness someone made a thread like this, I have so much trouble against Oro :<