Smiles @ Flushing now has MVC2 LOL

Japanese game but it has Happ parts.

When I say “now has” I mean, that shit is NEW. Doesn’t even have all the characters.

nice, flushing finally got an mvc2 arcade again!

how much is it, 25 cents or 50 cents?

The cab is pretty nice overall, I just hope it gets all the chars soon.

Wow, there was a Smiles in Bensonhurst a long time ago.

Well, aside from MVC2, this Smiles has nothing special. It has T6, but:

  1. It’s $2
  2. Tekken? Lul.

SWERD?! Def gotta peep it out this weekend. Thanks for the heads up.

I went again today, that shit still doesn’t have Iron Man =/

Any time one of you guys plan on going, I don’t suppose you would mind helping me with Magneto stuff a bit :slight_smile:

I only live like a 20-25 min walk from there.

If you look up online there are dipswitch menus that allow you to unlock all of the chars

  1. I know how to access those menu’s on emulators but not on an actual cab
  2. If I had to ask one of the people who worked there for access to it, I doubt they would let me input anything in it

Are you learning Magnus from scratch or just need refinement in your gameplay? If it’s the former then you’re better off practicing on the Dreamcast in training mode first.

  1. I don’t own the game =/
  2. I’ve seen tutorials and stuff, and it’s not his gameplay itself I need instruction on, but his really elaborate combo’s and such. Youtube and FAQ’s can help a lot, but I still need someone to point out what I’m screwing up on, lets say the ROM infinite. As far as the Marvel series goes, I’ve rarely been able to take advantage of characters that can air dash. (It’s probably why my Doom sucks so much too)

I mean, once guided a bit, my execution on many difficult combos becomes perfect. I’m almost consistent on the IM inf.

And I can do Keeperjin and KaraPalm in 3S like nothing.

Lol I stopped going to Smiles after they got rid of CVS2. I might come back just for MVC2 now! I guess I’ll stop there tonight after Peter Pan.

If you’re serious about getting in Marvel then you def should get a DC b/c it’ll be way more cost effective then trying to learn in the arcade. You can get a DC now on ebay for 15-20 bucks and there are custom marvel CD’s that are downloadable if you do some searching :wink:. For the moment, you can try DL’ing NullDC and run the game on you PC just to get familiar with the basics and mechanics.

WARNING: Once you get hooked on the crack, there’s no going back!

I have NullDC and MVC2 but my comp can barely run it.

Getting a DC stick would be a bitch though, wouldn’t it?

Try turning off all unnecessary programs and processes in the background (ie AIM, anti-virus, etc) when running NullDC. You want to allocate as much CPU and RAM (somewhat) for Null when running it on older PC’s.

You can get a custom made for DC or have a DC pcb pad installed into your existing stick (but this depends on how it’s setup). Or you get try finding a Dreamcast green Agetec stick which is actually pretty good if you like Japanese controls.

Well I bought a DC, after shipping it totaled to 50, and I bought a PS2 to DC converter for my stick.

And yeah, I use a Jap set up myself.


If you’re willing to head to LI for one of our sessions we can give you a crash course on Magnus lol.:razzy:

Well I finally got down the ROM set up, all thats left is for me to figure out how the fuck to continue the damn thing, because it seems like my opponents are able to block after I finish one rep.

Also, I think those bastards reset the machines everyday or something, because it never keeps the high scores, and it doesn’t have ANY new characters.

wtf. machines reset and no new characters are on it? Fugdatshit. Just go to cf for sum mahvel or come to a syn session in LI :nunchuck:

I’m only going there and flushing mall to practice. When my DC gets here I won’t need to go there anymore and I can just bring it to CTF.