Smithsonian To Add Video Game Exhibit - Vote For What Games Make The Cut!

I don’t how big this will get but I do think this is pretty cool.

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Exhibitions: The Art of Video Games / American Art

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The Art of Video Games

I’ll post up my list of who I voted for when I’m done.


Nice, I did my votes. Smithsonian doesn’t mess around with their displays so I’m looking forward to see what they do. I did have a slight gripe with the voting system, there were some groups where I’d vote all three and some where I wouldn’t vote for any, but you could only vote one per group. Choosing between Chrono Trigger and Link to the Past was pretty tough, but still a great site and idea.

Man this is tough to vote for…

They really didn’t fuck around with this voting thing… they know their games, not typical at all imo, considering that most people do not think video games are an art form…

Earthbound is the first thing to get my vote…

I’ll list my picks after I’m through… a shame that they don’t have Bayonetta for current gen…

EDIT: Do I really have to vote between Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy X, and Okami… fuuuccckkk…

But I think they could do the best exhibit for Okami so I’ll pick that…

No Duke Nukem?

can someone post a list of the nominations available from each era?

There is like 240 games… too many…

In any case here’s my list…

ERA 1- Donkey Kong(seriously that’s it)

ERA 2- Megaman 2(between Metroid and SMB3), Legend of Zelda(between Final Fantasy and Shadowgate)

SEGA- Mickey Mouse Castle of Illusion(wish they had Aladdin instead), After Burner(between Fantasy Zone and Missle Defense)

ERA 3-

GENESiS- Sonic CD(between Earthworm Jim and Moonwalker), Phantasy Star IV(between Flashback and Shining Force), Gunstar Heroes(between Ranger X and Viewpoint)

SNES- Mario World(Over Star Wars and DK Count.), Earthbound(over Link to the Past and Chrono), Gradius(over Star Fox and Smash TV), Sim City(over Syndicate and Act Raiser)

ERA 4-

N64- Mario 64(over Banjo K and Star Wars), Majora Mask(OoT and Paper Mario), Star Fox 64(Golden Eye and Pilotwings), Ogre Battle 64(Rainbow 6, Worms)

Dreamcast- Shenmue(Phantasy Star, Skies of Arcadia),** Rez(**over Toy Commander and Typing of Dead)

PS1- MGS1(that’s the only one that matters out of that group)


Yeeeaaah… FFX, KH, and Okami is a bitch of a vote. I’ll vote for Okami as well, but I don’t think it will win. The FF and KH fanboys both outnumber the Okami fanbase 10-fold, I’m certain.

Some of the categories were just full of top tier games. There were a few sections were I was at a loss for never playing any of the games so I voted by my knowledge of the game despite not playing it or with a complete random pick LOL.

My Votes (Category genre order goes Target, Adventure, Action, Combat/Strategy)
Era 1 -
Atari VCS - Space Invaders, Pitfall, Pac-Man, Video Chess
ColecoVision - Buck Rogers, Pitfall II, Donkey Kong, Evolution
Mattel Intellivision - Space Battle, Swords and Serpents, Masters of the Universe, Utopia

Era 2
Commodore 64 - Paradroid, Wasteland, Boulder Dash, Little Computer People
Nintendo - 1943, The Legend of Zelda, Super Mario Bros 3, Desert Commander
Sega Master System - After Burner, Phantasy Star, Shinobi, Spy vs Spy

Era 3
Sega Genesis - Gunstar Heroes, Shining Force 2, Earthworm Jim, Dune II
Super Nintendo - Star Fox, Chrono Trigger, Donkey Kong Country, Sim City

Era 4
DOS/Windows - Diablo II, Fallout, Doom II, Command & Conquer
N64 - Goldeneye 007, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Super Mario 64, Worms Armageddon
Dreamcast - Toy Commander, Skies of Arcadia, Jet Grind Radio, Panzer Front
Sega Saturn - Panzer Dragoon II, Panzer Dragoon Saga, Nights, Command & Conquer
Playstation - Einhander, Final Fantasy VII, Metal Gear Solid, Command & Conquer: Red Alert

Era 5
XBOX - Xyanide, Indigo Prophecy, Halo 2, Splinter Cell
XBOX360 - Ikaruga, Limbo, Gears of War 2, Halo Wars
Modern Windows - Shatter, Fallout 3, Portal, Starcraft II
Nintendo Gamecube - Alien Hominid, Paper Mario, Metroid Prime 2, Fire Emblem
Wii - Boom Blox, The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, Super Mario Galaxy 2, Battalion wars 2
PS2 - Silpheed, Kingdom Hearts II, Tony Hawk’s Underground 2, Metal Gear Solid 2
PS3 - Super Stardust HD, Final Fantasy XIII, Little Big Planet 2, Command & Conquer Red Alert 3


Tales of Symphonia, hell yeah. I wish Devil May Cry made the PS2 list, but we got stuck with Tony Hawk, God of War (maybe I’m bit of a weeaboo, but i still don’t get the hype behind it), and Shadow of the Colossus. I would have also preferred MGS3 over MGS2 also. For the PS3 i only voted for Uncharted 2.

Is Panzer Dragoon Saga in there?

As for commodore 64, never saw a game on that system that looked and sounded as good as [media=youtube]_J4saQEatbQ"[/media]
Have you ever heard an C64 that [media=youtube]pZoRDf4Qrqc&feature=related"]sounded like this or this [url=[/media] :amazed:

The game played more like a megadrive game rather the dated commodore. Not even the nintendo wii can handle it’s awesomeness :rofl:

Wow. I was all set to be pissed off at their selections for Sega Genesis and Saturn, but I’d say that they just about crushed it. Maybe Grandia II instead of Skies… Ahh, I don’t know. That’s a toss up.

Yeah it’s not bad at all. Having Haunted House on the list was very nice as that’s one of the “grandfathers” to survival horrors. I tried to vote more on what was innovative vs my favorites.

I wish I knew you could only put one vote per era beforehand. I would have voted for Donkey Kong.

I tried to do this as well but I will admit a few of my favorites swayed my vote.

I thought these were the tougher voting categories
Era 2 - NES Action (I can’t believe you made me choose between LoZ and FF)
Era 2 - NES Adventure (Man they must hate me, this category is full of S+ tier, MM2, SMB3, Metroid)

Era 3 - SNES Adventure (2 of the greatest RPG’s ever Earthbound and Chrono Trigger, my favoritism towards CT is what one my vote but now that I look at it I should have voted Earthboud, very surprised Secret of Mana didn’t make the list but Zelda is a very strong choice)
Era 3 - SNES Action (I hate myself for choosing DKC over SMW)

Era 4 - N64 Target (Choosing between between Goldeneye 007 and Starfox 64 sucked, they both are great in there own rights and Starfox was the first 64 game I ever owned)

Era 5 - PS2 Adventure (I’m the only person in the world I guess who wasn’t a fan of FFX but I loved Kingom Hearts and think Okami is one of the most beautiful artistic games ever)
Era 5 - PS3 Action (This one for me was between Uncharted and Little Big Planet, this one fell in the I hate myself for choosing the game I chose category, LBP won this one for me due to artistic visuals and for having one of if not the best create your own stage maker ever, Uncharted though is one of the best stories for a video game ever and just like the commercial says it really does feel like you are playing a movie instead of a video game. It’s been a long time since a video game drew me in the way Uncharted did.)


Yeah same here, sometimes you just have to go with the favorite :rofl:

Era 1 picks

Action - Haunted House because Survival Horror is my all time favorite genre and this was a small spark that light the forest on fire. Then Forest came back covered in grenades.
Adventure - I went with Pitfall because I had never played either of the other two.
Target - I went with Missile Command as I think it took a slight bit more thought than Space Invaders, also I had never played Yar’s.
Combat/Strategy - Combat for sure, one of the original VS titles where you’re directly trying to kill/destroy the other player instead of beating them in points. I have a ton of fond memories with this one.

Action - Donkey Kong just for the legacy of it. Also never played Jungle Hunt or Smurfs.
Adventure - Alcazar got it since I thought the exploration was nice.
Target - Buck Rogers since it was really good graphics for its time.
Combat/Strategy - Never played any of these so I just voted for Artillery.

Action - Tron because I had never played any of the others (this will happen a lot).
Adventure - D&D but these were all great picks.
Target - Space Battle, again haven’t played the others.
Combat/Strategy - Utopia, it was a nice break from the norm of military/space games.[/details]

Era 2 picks

Commodore 64
Action - Boulder Dash was just too fun (note only played ROM, never owned this console).
Adventure - Bards Tale since I enjoy the text style of gaming also.
Target - Never played any of these so went with Raid on Bungeling Bay.
Combat/Strategy - Pirates for life!

Action - I voted Metroid because as much as I like MM2 and SMB3, those were both sequels where Metroid was not. I enjoy playing SMB3 a lot more but it wasn’t as original as Metroid.
Adventure - Another real difficult one, I went for Legend of Zelda for but any argument for any of these are valid.
Target - I went with Life Force just because I like side scrolling shooters better than verticle.
Combat/Strategy - Archon as I had never played the other two.

Sega Master System
Action - I went with Marble Madness (even though I played it for NES instead) just because of how out there the concept of it was.
Adventure - Phantasy Star was picked over Ultima because it was an original title instead of a sequel. Both great games though.
Target - Early 3D fight here, Missile Defense did it a bit better though.
Combat/Strategy - I went with Rampart was it was one of the earlier games where more than 2 players could play.[/details]

Era 3 picks

Action - I went Earthworm Jim over Sonic CD just because of the sheer creativity that went into it, and also it was an original instead of a sequel sealed the deal.
Adventure - I never played Flashback and the Phantasy Star premise to me was a lot more creative than Shining Force, but that’s really my own opinion which I’m sure people will rage over.
Target - I did Gunstar Heroes as I have never played the other two.
Combat/Strategy - I went with Dune 2 as it was very fun, also I have never played the other two.

Action - This is the toughest console to make votes on. I went with DKC because it was one of the first games to be completely done in CG and it’s sound track was just too good
Adventure - Chrono Trigger also won out of favoritism, but if Secret of Mana was on there that’d get my vote 100%. That’s my all time favorite and also I think it’s system and playstyle is pretty original, but this isn’t a “what if” thread. Link to the Past is also up there in my all time favorite games though, so hard to choose.
Target - Star Fox easy, there was nothing new or innovative with Gradius 3 (don’t get me wrong I like it). The SuperFX chip really changed gaming as a whole once it was out. And fuck Smash TV.
Combat/Strategy - SimCity won this over Act Raiser. SimCity was one of the originals in the “this game is crack you can’t put it down” department for me.[/details]

Era 4 picks

Action - I went with Unreal here, the engine was recycled quite a bit and it had the better graphics. I have never played Dues Ex but from what I hear if I had played it I might have voted that instead though.
Adventure - This was tough, Grim Fandango was one of the last “funny” games that had a lot of thought put into it, but Balder’s Gate is just too good.
Target - Diablo 2, I got SOJ.
Combat/Strategy - I voted Command & Conquer thinking I could vote for Starcraft after (I didn’t do these in order, this is what made me realize it was only one per group). C&C got me into RTS and I actually enjoy that over Starcraft, but you just can’t deny the legacy of Starcraft. If possible I’d change my vote.

Action - Mario 64 easy. That was ground breaking when it was new.
Adventure - I picked Majora’s Mask over Ocarina since it was a bit darker and I liked the premise better.
Target - I voted Star Fox 64 over Goldeneye, I honestly can’t give a reason though that can’t be contested, it just grabbed me more than Goldeneye. I thought that Coop with AI was amazing and rare (though we know it’s not actually coop, just scripted allies).
Combat/Strategy - Worms because I have never played the other two.

Action - I picked Jet Set Radio (yes wheebo but it rhymes). The cell shading was new at the time and it worked perfectly for this title. Also it was very, very rare where you weren’t saving the world but just tagging shit.
Adventure - All great games and I put in too many hours into PSO, but Shenmue wins in art/innovation for free.
Target - I had only played Typing of the Dead out of these but fuck that noise, I voted Rez based on the picture and it didn’t have “Toy” in the title.
Combat/Strategy - ChuChu Rocket since it was one of the (maybe THE?) first online console games.

Action - NiGHTS into Dreams was just beautiful.
Adventure - Panzer Dragoon as I have never played the other two.
Target - Panzer Dragoon again for same reason.
Combat/Strategy - C&C again here as it got me into RTS. No disrespect to SimCity 2000 though.

Action - There were quite a few titles I found lacking for this console but I digress. I thought Oddworld’s premise and world was just so out there and great that I voted for it. It’s NOT as “good” of a game as Metal Gear sure but it’s originality and humor was just too good.
Adventure - I voted for FF7 just because of how much popularity it got (and I still enjoy it even now, so what they have brick hands it’s still fun). The cutscenes were also amazingly good looking.
Target - Einhander, I’ve never played any of these but the pic made me vote for it. Insightful I know.
Combat/Strategy - I went with Tactics instead of Red Alert. I did play the hell out of Red Alert but it’s obvious Tactics had more effort put into it in every single aspect.[/details]

Era 5 picks

Action - Again another console that was lacking in “creative” or “artful” title for its picks. I went with Jet Set Radio Future for this one, not a Halo fan and never played the other.
Adventure - Indigo Prophecy is one of the better games ever made, it’s just a shame that the ending went the way it did.
Target - Panzer Dragoon since I’ve never played the others (Panzer got 3 votes this way, lucky game).
Combat/Strategy - Pirates! for life!

Xbox 360
Action - I would’ve still picked other titles for this console for art etc, but what can you do. Bioshock was more than mindless shooting.
Adventure - Limbo didn’t get this one just because of what it is. It’s an amazing throw back for the older eras and artful for sure, but it didn’t wow me like Oblivion did. Vote goes to Oblivion. Mass Effect is fun also but eh.
Target - Ikaruga since it was a deep shmup, also never played the other two.
Combat/Strategy - Darwina because I don’t like Halo or LotR games.

Modern Windows
Action - Half Life 2 over Portal this time, Portal was a tad short and I really loved the environment in Half Life 2.
Adventure - Knights of the Old Republic ALLLL DAYYYYY. Fuck WoW’s popularity, I hate having to “find 10 skins”.
Target - Flow since I’ve never played any of these.
Combat/Strategy - Age of Empires 3 won it since I’ve never played Minecraft but I hear that’s not bad, and I didn’t like Starcraft 2 so much.

Action - I went with P.N.03 since I thought Star Fox was terrible and Alien Hominid just didn’t look that good to me.
Adventure - Wind Waker took cell shading to a whole new level. It was made with art in mind, and it really shows. A lot of people (including me) hated the artwork and design at first but it really grew on me and I can see the time that went into making it.
Target - Eternal Darkness! When I saw Gamecube that’s the ONE title I said I hope made it. This game experimented with ideas that haven’t been used before and it did it well. Also nothing like breaking the 4th wall to scare people.
Combat/Strategy - I picked Pikmin 2 since I had never played the other two.

Target - Out of order here, but it’s the Wii so we forgive it for being a little retarded. I voted Sin and Punishment since it didn’t have a picture and the other two looked like complete ass.
Adventure - I went with Twilight Princess on this one. Launch title to use motion controls well gets points here, despite whether you like it or not it’s innovative. I also did not enjoy Monster Hunter Tri.
Action - I have never actually played any of these so I just went with Metroid.
Combat/Strategy - These all looked like ass also so Battalion Wars got it for looking like the least amount of ass.

Target - I went with Gradius here, I really enjoyed the 3D background it had going for it.
Adventure - I went for Okami here, but a vote for any 3 is good. Okami again had the arts in mind while it was being made it seems, they wanted to make a game that stood out from the norm.
Action - Shadow of the Colossus got this one, great gameplay with really good bosses.
Combat/Strategy - Accidentally clicked Armored Core, whoops.

Target - I went with Flower, never played any of them and damn if that doesn’t look like it’s trying to be artsy.
Adventure - I REALLY wanted to vote for Dragon Age, but Heavy Rain was just so good at story telling I had to vote for it. I haven’t felt that immersed in a game in a long, long time.
Action - Never played any of these but if Little Big Planet 2 is anything like the first it got it. Allowing player made stages on a console is pretty nice and unique.
Combat/Strategy - None of these were really that good honestly, I like Civilization and while Revolution is the worst of the series it still beats the other two turds.[/details]

This took longer to type than I thought so I’ll finish this when I get home, only one more era to finish.

Edit: ok finished, this was harder without having two monitors like I have at work :rofl:

Superman 64 /thread
seriously only to show how horrendous gaming could have been. For ERA 1 ET all the way

Legendary games too many to list but some of my ground breaking picks. Super Mario Bros 1 saved the industry so it has to be there.
Mario 64, Ocarina of Time all the way, Shadow of The Colossus, Goldeneye 64, Street Fighter II, Mortal Kombat, Donkey Kong Country, um fuck Halo. Too many to debate.

same here.

I nostalgia’d hard when I saw Zaxxon. I even had the board game. I’m pissed you can’t get a list of all your votes, for posting purposes

I can’t pick between Shenmue, PSO and Skies of Arcadia. Such a tough decision for me. More importantly I really really hope that Jet Grind Radio makes the cut.

I cheered when I saw Tales of Symphonia as an option under GameCube. Best. Game. Ever.

i say when this comes out that we all take a SRK field trip to see it. i’m serious about that

My votes

[details=Spoiler]Era 1:
Atari: Haunted House (thought they were going to use 2600 Pac-Man but they probably aren’t), Pitfall, Yars’ Revenge, Combat
ColecoVision: Doney Kong, Pitfall II, Zaxxon, Evolution
Intellivision: TRON, AD&D, Star Strike, B-17 Bomber

Era 2:
Commodore 64: Boulder Dash, Wasteland, Raid on Bungeling Bay, Pirates!
NES: SMB3, LoZ, Life Force (lol Top Gun), Desert Commander
SMS: Shinobi, Phantasy Star, After Burner (hard choice here), Rampart

Era 3:
Genesis: Sonic CD, Shining Force II, Gunstar Heroes (YES), Herzog Zwei
SNES: DKC (I wouldn’t want 2 Mario games at a video game exhibit, no matter how good the series is), Earthbound, Star Fox, ActRaiser

Era 4:
DOS: Deus Ex (would have been Doom if it was the first Doom), Grim Fandango, Diablo II, StarCraft
N64: SM64, OoT, Goldeneye, Ogre Battle 64
DC: Sonic Adventure, PSO (this was the hardest category), Rez, ChuChu Rocket
Saturn: NiGHTS, Panzer Dragoon Saga, Panzer Dragoon II, Blazing Heroes
PS1: MGS, Lunar (although FF7 will win in a landslide), Einhander, FF Tactics

Era 5:
Xbox: Psychonauts, Shenmue II, Panzer Dragoon Orta (why did I vote all three Panzer Dragoon games? dunno), Splinter Cell
360: Bioshock, Obvilion (should have voted ME2), Ikaruga, Darwinia+
PC: HL2, WoW, Everyday Shooter, Minecraft
GC: Eternal Darkness, Symphonia, Alien Hominid, Pikmin II
Wii: Galaxy 2, MH Tri, S&P 2, Zack and Wiki
PS2: SotC, Okami, Espgaluda (I’m surprised this is on here), AC3
Ps3: UC2, Heavy Rain, Super Stardust, Civ Rev[/details]