SMM (Saturday Mornin Mayhem) Updated Ver.99A

Sup everyone. SMM has been updated to VER.99A(7/19) which has a multitude of fixes, especially gameplay, animation additions, and a wrap up to all stories.

Most notable update was to gameplay, which through feedback, videos, and more vigorous personal play Ive tried to eliminate any game breakers and easy infinites. Hopefully, I got the job done

Well download and enjoy peeps, and please hit me back with feedback if you have any.


Raw Sho Nuff: U, U, D, U at mode select before intro. (extra bit of cussin)

Full screen: Alt + Enter

Palettes decide intros.

Hold any button at round end to select different end poses.


You want me to show you tough, I’ll show you tough!

Sorry Zee Tee Bee, don’t quite understand where you’re coming from with this reply.


I’ve seen that video and everything wrong in it was fixed a long time ago. Even when the video was made those issues were fixed.

Ver. 99A is an even more refined update. Thanks.