Smoke-free arcade hall in Tokyo


I’m in Tokyo at the moment, and I’ve been looking around and played at a couple of arcades, but all the ones I’ve been to carries the drawback of being very smoky. My clothes and hair stink after being there for an hour or so. So what I’m wondering is if is anyone know of any good arcades with no smoking? Preferably close to any of the Yamanote-line stations. I mainly play SF4 and Melty Blood, so if either/both of those games have cabinettes that’d be nice.


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I’ve been to Japan, myself. During my stay in Tokyo, I went to about five-six arcades, and every single one was smoker friendly. I’m sure there are non-smoking arcades in Tokyo, but I think you might just have to grin and bear it.

If you really need to know then, uh…send a PM to Reno, SRK’s resident Japan dweller. He might have your hook-up.

a-cho was such a mixed experience for me when I went to Kyoto. On one hand, it really lived up to its reputation as one of the greatest arcades in the world in terms of game selection and competition. On the other hand, the place stunk to high heaven and there were times I couldn’t breathe. Unfortunately, with Japanese culture being what it is, I don’t think you’ll find a decent, smoke free arcade. Best you can hope for is in a mall or something, and I doubt you’ll find great comp or selection there.

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Sega Joypolis in Daiba maybe. It ain’t smoke-free but it doesn’t reek of cigs and sweaty nerds.

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Okay, I see. Thanks anyway.

@dodgers & HeaT: The problem isn’t really that it smells there. The problem is that the smell sticks to my clothes and my hair, which I don’t think is that nice.

Yeah, the constant cigarette smoke is a huge factor in why I would not live in Japan…it’s too bad, really, cuz many other aspects of the Japanese lifestyle are healthy…

I was there in 2008, and the only smoke-free arcade I found was Mikado in Shinjuku, and maybe one of the Sega arcades (no good games/comp, though). But this was a couple of years ago, before SF4 came out (when I went, Tekken 5 was new haha), so I dunno…and I agree, the smell sticking to your clothes is annoying. It’s just all bad. Smoking is a huge problem in Japan.