Smokers Thread for the SRK Gentleman


Didn’t see a thread for this kind of thing so I’ll start it off. Post your own smoke tricks or whatever too if you want.




This thread brings me to my next point.



what does that have to do with this thread?


Huh? People still think smoking is cool? It’s a money wasting, health endangering addiction. Smelling like smoke, getting lung cancer and the fact you could have bought a damn house with the money wasted from a lifetime of smoking is all pretty lame imo. What does a smoker have to show for it in the end? Sorry if I offended any smokers, I was exposed to heavy secondhand smoke for about 20 years, so I’m entitled to hate, right?


I respect your opinion, but that is not what this thread is about. I’m sorry that you’ve had to suffer through secondhand smoke for most of your life but if you want to derail this thread from the original topic then GO THE FUCK SOMEWHERE ELSE. Thank you.


Here’s a neat trick you can perform after you die.



everyone knows the smoke circles trick.
and the release from mouth, breathe in through nose shit.

so here are a couple you might not know.

1-tiny smoke circles using a pack of cigs.
yunno the clear plastic wrap on the cig box?
ok, after you peel the red line to open the pack, the bottom part of the pack still has the plastic wrap. here’s what you do.
pull on the plastic wrap but don’t pull it off. burn a hole through one side of the plastic wrap, preferrably near the bottom.
push back the plastic wrapper onto the box.
take a large drag and keep it in your mouth. now, pull the plastic wrapper slowly and as you are pulling on the wrapper, force in some smoke from that drag you held.
remember not to completely remove the wrapper.
now the plastic wrapper should have a decent amount of smoke in it.
gently tap the plastic wrapper with your finger tip on its bottom side.
each time you tap, you should be seeing a very small smoke circle eminating from the hole you burned with the stogie.
2-buy a bottle of bubble shit. whatever the hell they are called. bubble bottles?
anyway. so the ring where you blow needs to be the right size. preferrably 1-2 inches. 2 inches probably best size.
take a deep breath. then take a large drag from cig and keep it in your mouth.
wet your lips with the soap liquid of the bubble bottle. put your lips right up against the bubble circle thingy. breath out slowly and push the smoke through the bubble wand. you should be able to make smoke bubbles.
i learned that from a magician on tv when i was a kid. he was on a ton of shows making interesting designs with smoke bubbles.
then everybody in america turned into twats so we don’t get to see a magician on stage doing shit like that anymore.
having tigers on stage is okay. just not cig smoke, coz thats dangerous. unlike the tigers.

lastly this isn’t a smoke trick. but a 40oz trick.
drink a forty. or any large bottle of liquor. 40oz preferred.
take the brand paper off before you finish it. make sure there’s like a teaspoon or 2 left of alcohol left in the bottle. put the cap on. shake it it real good. trying to make the liquid wet up all the inside part of said bottle. uncap it. put it on the ground upright of course.
take your lighter and put a lil gas fumes near the open top.
light up your lighter near the bottle top.
you should see a circle of fire slowly decend down the bottle, then after it reaches the bottle it’ll slowly go back up and extingish itself.
i should say i think that is how it works.
if i remember correctly. shit, that trick is from my college days so i’m guessing it went that way.

peace and love bitches.


before this thread gets locked, i just want to say that it’s understandable why my dad is addicted to smoking: his generation was ignorant and didn’t know what it was; now he’s hooked and has no hope of stopping.
my generation, on the other hand, knows exactly what it is. how old do you have to be before you can put your big boy/girl pants on and not do things that will kill yourself and others around you?

that being said, the kids and i were blowing bubbles outside one time and my cousin blew smoke into them and made a smoke bubble. then you’d pop it and there would be a smoke-sphere. i thought that was pretty cool. maybe i’ll mention it at her funeral if i don’t die of second hand smoke first.


dont be a pussy. its smoke. not a grenade. you’ll live.


It seems that posters on SRK aren’t anything but close-minded stubborn people. It’s like a writ of passage one must attain before becoming a full fledged internet personality lol

Can’t take your hate to the SFxT thread anymore or what?

EDIT: People posting that are against smoking, I understand your reasons for disliking smoke but that is no reason to be completely disrespectful.


I don’t care about doing tricks when I smoke, I just want to get fucking high.


You are low tier unless you can do this…


In other news scientist have determined that UMVC sucks ass and causes acute mental retardation through overexposure to flashing colors and shit game mechanics.


I enjoy watching smokers in the winter time all huddled in a small group outside of public places desperately trying to get their fix while freezing their asses off.


Addiction to tobacco is for weak willed individuals…

I’ve never been mentally addicted to it… it’s more of a physiological one… if I smoke a couple, I’ll walk around with a mean headache for a few when my body craves it…

You know what I do… don’t try to fix the fucking headache with another cigarette…

I don’t even know why someone would want to build a tolerance to tobacco… like wouldn’t you want the nicotine high to be as good as it was when you smoked your first one…

Nothing is terrible for you in moderation…

I’m sure a couple of cigs, or a (good) cigar like every month or so wouldn’t do any more damage than eating grilled meat or something…

Second-hand smoke does a worse number on your lungspersonal experience… coughing up yellow phlem, catching that bronchitis more easily in the winter… all because someone didn’t want to take that shit outside…

Don’t punish people because you decided to sink into a bad habit with your mentally weak ass:mad:


angelpalm all these videos your posting just wants me to smoke even more. I think of it more as “How many thousands and thousands of dollars do I need to spend on that good shit before I hit that point?”


Great post. I haven’t smoked any ganja for the past few days, because I have the mental willpower to quit whenever I want for as long as I want. I’ll think about it and get cravings here and there, but it’s not enough that I’m going HAM looking for some green.

If you want to quit, you have to be mentally capable of doing so. No nicotine patch is going to help you if you’re a weak-willed individual. It’s all in the mind. That may sound cheesy to some, but it’s the truth.


one last thing.
is smoking unhealthy?
so are alotta things.
but i’ll point something out.

1-the govt for the past 15 years or so is doin everything possible to brainwash the simpleton minded people into thinking that smoking is so fuckin deadly.
its not.
if you smoke like 3-4 packs a day, and get cancer. blame yourself and no one else. you didn’t use it, you abused it.
moderation is key. in regards to every aspect of life.
drinking, smoking, sex…hell if you take too many vitamins, it can kill you. don’t believe me? take an entire bottle of selenium supplements in one sitting and see what happens.
don’t expect to live to the next sunrise.

why does the govt advertise so much anti-smoking bullshit?
swearing to us we’ll keel over if we take a single drag. well i’ll say this much. it would be pretty damn hard to explain the 10 dollar tax on a 3 dollar pick of cigs if they told you it really wasn’t so detrimental to your health…now wouldn’t it?
of course they are gonna bs you with propoganda.
you think they are gonna mention that the average life expectancy of a smoker is 71 compared to a non-smoker which is 75?
wow. 4 measly years. who gives a fuck.
another case in point.
20% of americans smoke. 40% of japanese smoke. yet, japan has a longer life expectancy for its citizens.
2 reasons.
1-they are NOT fat asses!!!
they actually tear themselves away from their playstations to take a jog. unlike the sedimentary fuckers here who can’t seem to walk from A to point B without demanding that they need a car just to go 2 blocks.
2-they have a way way way waaaaaaaaaaaaaay better health care system.

if the american govt gave a shit about its citizens, they’d fix the broken and corrupt as fuck inept overpriced incompetent health care system. something 1,000,000 times more detrimental to your well being than smoking.
which they don’t!
coz they don’t care about you simple minded sheep that believe any bs slapped on an “cool” or “scary” ad.

also, in the end, its all genetics.
sorry to break it to yall, but its all in the genes.
pablo picasso chain smokes unfiltered cigarettes for 70+ years. dies at 91 years of age.
dana reeve, christopher reeve’s wife, dies at like 45 from lung cancer. never smoked a day in her life.

that’s life.
yunno, unpredictable.

is smoking bad. yes. as bad as the govt that tries to rape you in taxes with bs propoganda leads you to believe? nope.

might i also add that one state…i think it was ohio, not sure which one it was, anyway, one senator that didn’t get the memo that the govt’s anti-smoking agenda is about $$$ introduced a bill to ban smoking and tobacco altogether from the entire state. needless to say the state govt shot that notion down real quick. and do you know who lobbied the govt hardest to make sure smoking stayed legal in the state?
guess. guess who was adamant about making sure tobacco+smoking stayed legal.
if you guess the anti-smoking groups & orgs…you guessed right.
now why would the anti-smoking groups from that state lobby the govt to keep smoking/tobacco nice and legal?
could it be because these “non-profit” groups recieve funding directly from the govt?
and the govt gets that revenue to pay for all the employees that work for said anti-tobacco groups from tobacco taxation?
uh huh.
wake the fuck up.
stop acting like mindless sheep and realize when you’re being hoodwinked.

lastly, when i was a kid, what did i see when i went to hospitals more than anything else.
doctors smoking.
do you really think that some knuckleheaded politician of today knows more about the effects of smoke than a doctor of 30 years ago?
of course not.
a doctor from 100 hundred years ago knows more about the effects smoking than any imbecilic politician of today. why wouldn’t he. he’s a scientist. a practioner of medicine and student of physiology.
politicians study the science…
of how to lie to people.
get your heads out your asses.

i’m tired of people demanding the nanny state.

my dad died of alcoholism. you don’t see me telling people not to drink that poison, do you?
know why?
coz i treat people for what they are.
as adults.
drink if you want.
smoke if you want.
be a health fanatic if you want.
exercise if you want.
eat till your morbidly obese if you want.
screw with whores.
i don’t care.

stop demanding for your hand to be held when you cross the street.
and people wonder why games are being casualized these days.
is it really a fuckin mystery why every game developer wants to make games dumb down’ed, stream lined, casualized, easyfied,ie, have the game hold your hand while you play it???
stop acting like pussies and act like men.

get off your high horses, man the fuck up, and stop swooning over everything.
man up and brace yourself for a wiff of some swamp vapors.
its a part of life.

go live in a plastic bubbles your whole lives.

don’t like smoke, or booze, or hoes, or red meat?
fine. thats cool. your perrogative. i respect that completely.
but if i enjoy some of these things you don’t like, will you please let me enjoy these things in my private life.
and stop mentioning obvious bullshit like smoking, booze, drugs, whores, etc being unhealthy or risky.
no shit. thanks 4 the 411. i wasn’t aware of that till yall mentioned the obvious.
dudes mentioning that smoking is unhealthy,
i swear mang, worse than jehovah witnesses.
what other sin should i avoid?
please, do cure me of my ignorance.
pretentious motherfuckers.


For the most part I’ve also noticed smokers don’t realize what a significant portion of the population they automatically alienate with their habit. Potential friends, relationships, opportunities are lost to them even before they get out of the starting gate. Personally I’ll still be friends with a smoker as I know I can escape it if I have to, but potential roommates and girlfriends it’s an automatic deal breaker.


Actually, aren’t smokers more accepted in the workplace/general populace than people with tattoos or not?


lmao. my favorite is when it’s windy outside and their lighter keeps blowing out! it’s even annoying when people smoke outside stores because you have to walk past them to get inside.