Smokin' Sick Style! The Dante General Discussion Thread!

With Eternal Enemy’s blessings and Preppy’s approval, I have been allowed to create the new Dante thread! This is my first time creating a character thread, please bare with me. With the help of all other Dante fans I believe we can make this thread one hell of a party!

Also check out SRK’s own Dante guide that will give you a rundown on all his moves plus general strategies:

:l: = Light attack
:m: = Medium attack
:h: = Heavy attack
:s: = Exchange (or “Special” button)
:atk:= Any attack button
:a1:=Assist 1
:a2:=Assist 2
DHC= Delayed Hyper Cancel
AD= Airdash

A: Jam Session. Remeniscent of Captain Commando’s Captain Collider assist from MvC2, as Dante makes a beam of verticle energy around himself. Although it lacks Collider’s invincibility, Jam Session makes up with its nice verticle hitbox that doesn’t stop going up. Multihits.

B: Crystal. Much like his Crystal command, it shoots about 5 pilliars of ice forward. Hits OTG.

Y: Weasel shot. Dante jumps up, firing out a volley of gunshots at a downward angle, very much like Amaterasu’s Cold Star assist.

Movelist: Dante is a very unique character with a crapton of moves! He has a weapon and technique for every situation, he is the definition of a “Jack of all trades” character. Listed below are Dante’s standard moves.

Dante also has access to “Style Change” moves, which can be done during the startup of regular moves, or otherwise preformed in a different way. Style Change moves will be highlighted with Italics, and will be updated accordingly. In game, a yellowish aura flashes around Dante to symbolize a Style Change move.

Multi-Lock::qcf::l: - He pulls out a laser gun and plants a pink particle on the screen which homes in on the opponent. It can be charged for more particles, and you can even move around freely while charging.

Acid Rain: :qcf::l: > :l: - He cancels Multilock and thrusts his laser gun in the air, firing a pink beam which shoots up and rains down on top of him. One of Dante’s main tools for mixing up incoming characters once their teammate has been KO’d (or snapped out).

Crystal: :qcf::m: - Dante uses his Ice Nunchaku (Cerberus) to create pillars of ice that shoot forward, about 3 Dante’s forward. Hits OTG.

Million Carats: :qcf::m: > :m: - He cancels Crystal and summons ice surrounding him self in an iceberg. Can be used as an anti-air. Also hits OTG.

Hysteric: :qcf::h: - Dante cockily plants his borrowed Rocket Launcher (Kalina Ann) on the ground, shooting out a flurry of homing rockets. The rockets have pretty good tracking ability, but will dissapear if Dante is hit. A great use for this move is to super cancel it into Dante’s Devil Trigger once all the missiles are fired, then teleporting behind your opponent with Air Trick for a decend mix up.

Grapple: :qcf::h: > :qcf::h: - He cancels Hysteric and fires Kalina Ann’s bayonet, which attachés to the opponent and reels em’ in (Tekkaman style).

Twister: :dp::l: - He surrounds him self in a swirling blaze of fire. Hits OTG.

Tempest: :dp::l:> :l:- The Style Change followup to Twister. The swirling blaze around Dante becomes an even bigger cross elemental hurricane. Allows combo followups if done in a corner.

Volcano: :dp::m: - Dante pulls his fist back and puches the ground, creating a fatal impact infront of himself powered by his gauntlets of light (Beowulf). Sends opponent into the air, can be jump canceled and followed up for air combos. Also useful for anti air. Hits OTG.

Beehive: :dp::m:>:m:- The Style Change followup to Volcano. Dante rapidly kicks forward, much like Chun Li’s Hyakuretsukyaku (Lightning Legs), then finishes off the opponent with a swift Axe kick that causes ground bounce.

Jam Session: :dp::h: - He summons a shock of lightning which explodes and shoots up the screen (CapCom Corridor style). Also multi hits.

Reverb Shock: :qcb::l: - He pulls out an electrified guitar (Nevan) and shoulder barges the opponent. Knocks back, can be canceled into Fireworks.

Revolver: :qcb::m: - He twirls around in the air spinning his ice nunchaku (Cerberus), bouncing the opponent off the ground. Can also cross up. Can cancel into Fireworks.

Jet Stream: :qcb::h: - Dante rushes forward with his twin scimitar Agni and Rudra, violent slashing them as he moves forward, ending in a cross elemental slash. Knocks back, can be canceled into Fireworks.

Killer Bee: J :qcf::l: - Dante preforms a dive kick with his flash grieves (Beowulf), bouncing the opponent off the ground.

The Hammer: J :qcf::l:>:l:- The Style Change followup to Killer Bee. Dante does a double fisted overhead smash in the air, quickly and brutally knocking the opponent back to the ground. Puts opponent in an untechable knockdown state. Since Vanilla MvC3, the invincibility on The Hammer has been reduced. It’s invul frames are now during the beginning of the move, rather during the whole way through.

Air Play: J :qcf::m: - Dante plays a tune on his electrified demon guitar (Nevan), creating a ball of electric bats that shoot downward. Holding the commands lets Dante play longer, putting an even bigger bat rift on the field.

Sky Dance: J :qcf::h: - Dante descends to the ground spinning with Agni and Rudra, bringing his opponent to the ground with style. This move also resets the ground bounce on Dante’s combo (as you’re allowed only 1 ground bounce per combo). A very useful technique for Dante’s corner game.

Drive: :qcf::s: - Dante sends a shock wave that travels across the screen.

Air Trick: :d::d::s: - He teleports and re-appears in the air behind the opponent. Great for closing the gap to the opponent. Dante is vulnerable as he reappears, so do NOT use this randomly. It’s best use is during specific combos.

Rain Storm:Mash :h: (in air)- Dante jumps in the air and fires a storm of gunfire below him while spinning in place. Can be used as OTG. You can style cancel this into Killer Bee by imputing :qcf::l: while preforming Rain Storm, and cancel that into The Hammer by adding an extra :l: if you’re so inclined. Best used after an air grab.

Clay Pidgeon: Mash :h: during :s:(Launcher)- Dante fires a volley of gunshots at an upwards angle. A finicky anti air as you need to use :s: beforehand.

Cold Shower: :df::h: - Dante aims low and fires a volley of gunshots at a downward angle, painfully attacking enemies on the ground. Can be used as OTG, can be canceled into Stinger.

Charge Shot (Foward): Mash :h:- Dante fires his twin pistols across the screen, much like Deadpool’s Trigger Happy attack. Properties unknown, perhaps Super-cancelable

Weasel Shot: :b::h: Dante hops backwards and fires at the ground from the air, just like his assist.

Prop Shredder Mash :s: during any of the pistol attacks- Dante rapidly spins his sword in his hand in a large, circular motion. Multihits, can be jump canceled.

Stinger: :f::h:- Dante lunges forward, doing a quick forward stab. Causes wall bounce on airbourne opponents. One of Dante’s main tools to start any of his BnB’s, especially in Ultimate (since the pushback on Dante’s standard ABC combo has been increased). Stinger is Dante’s number 1 tool for staying in distance to keep his combo going and is integral to his game.

Million Stab: :d::h: or Mash :h: during Stinger- Dante rapidly stabs with his sword. Can be special cancelled.

Bold Move: :s:+:atk:- Dante makes a quick hop forward. Although it sounds unimpressive, Bold Move is easily Dante’s most important tool. You can cancel any of his ground normals and specials into this special command hop, and cancel that hop into another move, a pseudo jump cancel of sorts. For instance, you can cancel his Stinger ( :f::h: ) into Reverb Shock to make the move safe.

Fireworks: Mash :h: during Jetstream/Reverb Shock/Revolver- The Style Change follow up to Reverb Shock, Revolver and Jetstream. Dante whips out a shotgun and spins it around himself like a pair of nunchaku (Awesome, I know). Multihits, and leaves the opponent in a free juggle state for supers, granted you’re quick enough. Does a very nice bit of chip damage and is safe since it pushed the opponent far away if blocked.

This move is great for it’s ability for offense and defense; cancel it into any of his supers if it connects, or use it to make Stinger safe if the opponent blocks it.

Crazy Dance: Mash :s: During Reverb Shock/Revolver/Jetstream- Dante does a sweet sword combo, ending in a stylish slash that knocks back opponents. Cannot be special cancelled.

Thunderbolt: J:qcf::s:- This move is exclusive to Dante’s Devil Trigger transformation super. When in the air, Dante fires off twin beams of electric energy that multihit. Hits OTG.

Vortex: J:dp::s:- This move is exclusive to Dante’s Devil Trigger transformation super. Dante dashes forward in the air rapidly like a demonic drill. Multihits, can be canceled into Helm Splitter (j.:s:).

Flight: :qcb::s:- This move is exclusive to Dante’s Devil trigger. As the name suggests, doing this motion will allow Dante to fly. Doing the motion again will cancel the flight.

Hyper Combo’s (Supers)
Million Dollar: :qcf::atk::atk: - He pulls out his guns and fires a barrage of bullets at the opponent, ending in a charged shot that sends the enemy flying.

Devil Trigger: :qcb::atk::atk: - He transforms into his devil trigger mode. In this mode Dante can fly and has access to new moves. Dante can even slowly regenerate his red health as long as he is DT’d!

(Level 3) Devil Must Die :dp::atk::atk:- He Stingers the opponent, than rapidly charges back and forth with more stingers, before charging his sword up with Demonic Power and delivering one final Stinger into the opponent’s sternum, the power so great the opponent is blasted off the blade of Rebellion and hits a wall. Does good damage, looks damn stylish. (Thanks Diek for the motion!)

SSStylish videos:

Kaiten92 gives a very detailed runthrough on Dante’s special moves:



Basic Dante UMvC3 tutorial:



Stylish new Ultimate combos to work on:



Other tidbits:

Gorehound, Robo-mitsu, Diek Stiekem, Nitro263, Planche, Syke1, EternalEnemy, Jet Set Dizzy, .Guy., Phones01, KOFkula, Doc Strange, Strider Chipp, Kef, jack de ripr, Smexy Millz, Luvcheez, ShineErection, thanks for helping make a Sweet thread a SSStylish thread! Special, Special thanks to Kanoleon for linking us to a complete list of Dante’s new moves, which can also be found here. (and thanks to the Dante fan from Japan, Isedelica, for compilin’ it!)


Isedelica Combo (Courtesy of Luvcheez)- :d::l:, :m:, :d::m:, :h: > :f::h: (Stinger) > Million Stab > :s:> AA Charge Shot> Prop Shredder> super jump > j.:qcf::h: (Sky Dance) > :qcb::l: (Reverb Shock) > Fireworks > Million dollars > XFC > Million Dollars

Basic Dante 100% Combo- :l:, :m:, :h:, :s: (Launch), j.:l:, j.:m:, j.:h:, j.:qcf::l: (Killer Bee), :s: (relaunch), j.:m:, j.:h:, j.:qcf::h: (Sky Dance), :qcb::l: (Reverb Shock)>Fireworks>Million Dollar>XFC>Million Dollar

Smexy Combo: j.:h:, :l:, :m:, :h:, :f::h: (Stinger) {Make it end and the last hit connect}, :qcb::h: (Jetstream)>Fireworks> Million Dollar

Nitro Combo: :l: :m: :h: :b::h:(mash) :f::h:(mash)xx:s:xx:h:(mash)xx:s: J.:h:xx:qcf::h: :df::h:(mash)xx:f::h:xx:atk:+:s: J.:s: :df::h:(mash) :qcb::l:xx:h:(mash)xx:dp::atk:+:atk:

Shine Combo: :l:,:m:,:h:,:qcb::m:(Revolver),:h:,:s:,J:h:,J:qcf::h:(Sky dance),:qcb::l:(Reverb Shock),mash :H: (Fireworks), Million Dollars

(Shine combo substitute if you don’t have level 3 XF):
does 1,001,400:
:qcb::m:(Revolver),:h:,:s:,J:h:,J:qcf::h:(Sky Dance),:qcb::l:(Reverb Shock), mash :h:(Fireworks), :qcf::atk:+:atk:(Million Dollars), XFC, :dp::atk:+:atk:(Devil Must Die)

[media=youtube]Atl83BKeCEM"[/media] (from SCR)
[media=youtube]VxLkYK9iPWE"[/media] (SSSTYLISH!)
[media=youtube]VmxGqZlqXgg"[/media] (Dante level 3 oddity)
Character exhibition (Featuring a nice Dante combo)
[media=youtube]UMeQCsDkDjA"[/media] (Good Dante play, nice use of Devil Trigger and X Factor)
[media=youtube]ABntTM9Ae8U"[/media] (Nice combo, all around agressive Dante play)


Dante has 900,000 health, a tad below average.

General Strategies

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This is a nice thread. Keep it up guys. Random question, anyone know the moveset for Dante’s called the hammer i believe? Its in the earlier build of the game. [media=youtube]l0csP1textI[/media] the move is performed at 0:32.

Yeah, back at the E3 build where Dante had only 5 moves, The Hammer was preformed by simply doing :qcf:A/B/C in mid air. After the E3 build, and Dante gets the rest of his moves, the Hammer motion was replaced with Killer Bee/Air Play/Sky Dance.

Although the new motion for The Hammer is unknown, we do know that he still has it. It seems to be a “style change” move now, as you can see in [media=youtube]Fs2C-_Td4dE"[/media] video, at around 2:07.
Don’t you worry though, I’ll be sure to update the new motion once we confirm what it is. Thanks for the positive feedback, btw.

Has anyone figured out how to do Dance Macabre yet?