Smokin' Sick Style! The Dante General Discussion Thread!



Here’s my typical bag of tricks.

– Stinger+EMDxxTeleport for punishes/whenever you feel like it (old faithful.)
– Close range: s.H + EMD xx teleport (da gawd.)
– Far Range: s.H + EMD xx Teleport // grapple // Scat shotxxStinger (safer than grapple, have to be within ~3/4ths screen to connect with stinger, though.)
– IAD j.H, land, dash HxxWeasel Shot (2 shots), land, EMD + Teleport

(1/2 screen+ of space)j.air play + EMD (protects the followup options), land:
–drive xx teleport(if they stayed grounded)//crystal(if they normal jumped at you)//acid rain(if they super jumped towards you)//hysteric(neutral jump/super jump)
–Multilock. Either release and use for immediate teleport mixup or hold and TK release > teleport attempt > land s.H+EMDxxteleport 2nd mixup. (Be sure to keep in mind that you can press buttons while charging Multilock for those rare times you can gimmick someone into a hit.)
---- If they block most of these you usually get a free weasel shot followup mixup. (Use this to buy EMD some time, if it’s available, I would just go for the s.HxxTeleport option.)

I’ve been messing around with IAD + EMD j.H, land, immediately IAD j.H again for crossup/throw attempts. Seems like it could be a nice option to cover dash pressure.


kinda depends on matchup

against ppl like Doom or shit you want to go completely ham with EMD mixups so you go for air play + EMD or drive + EMD into teleports to get in if you get pushed out too far

against rushdown you want to push them away with crystal and air play + disruptor calls and get out hysteric if they get caught by EMD so they can’t call beam assist, if they get too close anti air M into EMD + teleport mixup for a bit then just chain into reverb xx fireworks or crystal if they block everything so you go back to your normal game plan


I’ve been trying to get away from overusing Reverb ShockxxFireworks. Way too many times where a weird anti-air turns me around when I don’t expect it to or the fun rare times that fireworks doesn’t come out for you.

I think Crystal is the smart choice for ground > air blockstrings and drive is the better choice for grounded blockstrings.


I see

I use reverb xx fireworks for ground strings only so I don’t get random cross unders, but yeah Drive may be better anyway because it’s easier to followup blockstrings with it

Yes crystal is best for antiair blockstrings

EDIT: also forgot, reverb xx fireworks is good when you want space tho because it leaves you a little over max cM range iirc


So I’m curious, what should I be doing with Dante in neutral when backed by Tatsu? I played a couple sets a few days ago and realized st. :h: + :a2: isn’t an actual mix-up. My friend blocked it every time so I asked him to just hold back and we realized it never crossed up. Then I tried stinger + tatsu and same shit, so I don’t really know what to do. Is my timing wrong? Should I be using st. :m: instead(although I think I tried st. :m:). Or is tatsu just not a good assist for Dante? The team I’m trying to play is spencer/dante/akuma.


Go watch sumbrownkids matches. I’m pretty sure his goto is s.m + tatsu. Hands down the best Dante tatsu player I’ve seen.


Yea I was combing through some of his footage and it seems like he uses st. :m: instead of :h:. I’ll try that out and see what happens and watch a couple more of his vids to find some more shenanigans.

EDIT: So I tested out st. :m: and it still doesn’t work. At this point I’m literally stumped, I have no idea how to develop a mix-up using tatsu.


Your timing is either off, or your range is affecting your timing.

As far as neutral playing footises with air play stinger stand m and calling tatsu from midrange to stuff or setup a confirm. I usually throw it out to push them in the corner and allow me to close distance


Ok, ill practice a different timing and try out some different ranges to see if I can make a mix-up out of it. Thanks for the feedback. Just so we’re clear though, it’s st. :m: you use right? Not st. :h:?

However, if I could just ask your honest opinion, what assist do you feel is better for Dante? Tatsu or plasma beam?


I think the overall Doom+Dante pairing is better than Dante/Akuma. I think Tatsu is a slightly better assist than doom because of its speed and nullification properties but the range is definitely a limiting factor.

In general I think it comes down more to what your 3rd character needs/offers. SBK makes it work because Wolvie with JS and Tatsu is possibly one of the best point Wolverine teams in the game. If your point like PB better than Tatsu and you’re comfortable with either the hard tags or putting Doom 2nd necessary to abuse the Doom/Dante THC ender then I would say that Doom’s probably the better option.

Mostly it boils down to what you want to play. Neither of them are bad choices. SBK is a top 5 Dante player using Tatsu so it’s definitely not a bad assist.

As far as the issues you’re having with the setup, it might be a spacing problem. I think you can hit with the tip of s./cr.M+Tatsu xx teleport and get a true mixup. If you’re right on them (the range where dante should press any buttons and definitely shouldn’t call an assist) I think it’s too fast and autoblocks.


Yea I’m just not a fan of teams that aren’t built in the order that they will be played, plus I finally figured out how to get a teleport mix-up with tatsu. So I think I’m going to go with Akuma. I’m gonna miss those raw tag combos with doom, but I think this is the right decision.

Thanks a lot for the help though, I don’t think I’d have figured it out without you guys assistance.


I think Tatsu is the better assist but doom WITH MISSILES is way better overall and they also make a better shell for top tier support.


Yea if I was just playing Dante solo I woulda gone with missiles for sure. But I can’t play spencer without beam, so I decided to try and find an assist that helps them both and it seems tatsu might be the answer. Shame I can’t stand Dr. Strange though, bolts is probably the perfect assist for this team, only issue being it requires me to play Dr. Strange.


I play strange but I am going to replace him. He is really good for point strider and everything but with Dante he requires a lot of situations to be effective with Dante. They don’t just flow. So I will be swapping out my team aswell. I won’t use akuma or doom though. I am going to experiment and I will post back when I find something. I may go back to using morrigan so I can soul drain meter and have 3meter dead character incoming opponent with no meter and astral vision active.


I thought strange Dante is solid?


Yeah strange/dante is good tho, Jam is lockdown that you don’t have to set up like Missiles so it helps against rush more, you can cM antiair or IP counterhit then call Jam + do a little string into lv0 fof or l mystic sword to swing pressure around off your best gtfo options, you even get to set up eye after

Jam is also good lockdown for when strange does his chip/lockdown sequences with eye, daggers, and swords

only thing it doesn’t help strange with is the ranged game, you gotta fight beam assists or proj spam with lv0 fof to set up eye and glyphs or to give space to possibly tele to make them block Jam, it’s much easier if you have a beam assist that also doubles as lockdown but yeahhhh you can’t really optimize too much for strange without making it a point strange team, which isn’t too hot


I’ve got a bunch of matches freshly recorded. Just bombing the relevant character threads. Mags/X23/Dante starting to feel pretty real. Really need to up my solo Dante mixup game, though.


It is however, you need to br kinda overpowering in this meta and it just doesn’t do that. Its hard to play from behinc and win with that duo against certain characters and shells. Besides strange is a liability fir me. I can olay him but he isnt someone I naturally am good with like Dante and Strider.


Hey guys I play Fighting games and rap a lil bit I wrote a song about Dante my fav character on UMVC3 let me know what yall think.


Some Ammy/Vergil/Dante tech, most of the Dante things are just normal Dante/Vergil stuff, but there are some cool Ammy conversions too

Dante stuff at 3:00
Stylish stuff at 9:00