Smokin' Sick Style! The Dante General Discussion Thread!

Yea Im surprised more dantes don’t do stinger reverb DT in actual matches, I see a lot of people at tournaments go for million dollars instead, which needless to say leads to significantly less damage.

You have to do it before the last hit of reverb shock or the opponent will be in a juggle state.

Thanks for this man.


You can also air dash after Air Play, but it isn’t necessary and can cause accidental Stinger crossups, causing you to Devil Trigger instead of lvl3, drop the combo, and look like a complete idiot as well. You can also cut out the M after landing and just H -> Stinger -> lvl3 to avoid that whole issue if you prefer.

I also find that teleporting after the Wild Stomp -> Propshredder follow up to put the opponent back in the corner is useful for getting a few corner specific extensions (You know, like that extra Stinger before your second VolcanoHive, hurr durr)

Also, where did the name Cold Shower come from? I always call it Wild Stomp, but it seems that most other people (even those who played DmC3, which should be all of you) do not.

In DMC, it’s called Wild Stomp. In Mahvel (according to the guide), it’s called Cold Shower.

Hmm coulda sworn his Mvc version of wild stomp is missing the whole stomp animation prior to shooting down lol. Gonna have to break out my dmc3 to see

Yes, they’re two different moves

Wild Stomp


[spoiler=Cold Shower][media=youtube]yvWtuacGICY[/media]although he calls it Wildstomp-_-[details=Spoiler]

There’s two big differences. When he does Wild Stomp, he steps on the opponent and shoots with one gun. For Cold Shower, he just aims both Ebony and Ivory downwards and shoots rapidly.

I cant resist their games and they cant resist my money. It’s a win-win situation

Got a few casuals between a few friends of mine im playing Dante/Thor/Dorm. I was really nervous lol so I was dropping stuff like stinger bc teleport. Any tips or whatever are appreciated

edit: I know I said Thor isn’t low tier but these matches don help my case at all I played awful with him


I guess dante’s bnb still works in ultimate (check 1:35)…

will watch

YESSS! It was just weird seeing it because I was wondering why he didnt use the ground bounce from Beehive. It makes me scared that Jet Stream wont connect properly:shake:

Okay there’s two things I still haven’t gotten down with Dante:

  1. Can anyone illuminate the timing of Volcano OTG -> Magneto Disrupter Assist -> j. S?

  2. Can anyone help me with the timing of converting Hammer of Air throw with Assist?

Much thanks.

I can’t help with the first one, but for the second one, you cancel into killer bee (which cancels into hammer) a little before the assist actually hits them.

Not sure about the first one but it depends on the assist for the second one. Like using Dante and Ammy (cold star) you have to OTG them with rain shower long enough for Ammy’s cold star to hit them since it doesnt hit OTG by itself. Then you must use Hammer right when Ammy stops bc if you do it too early, Ammy will hold them up instead of Hammer causing a knockdown.

I would say/ask why are you poking with Stinger xx Jet Stream? On hit, reverb shock is easier to combo off of if canceled into DT and on block, canceling reverb into fireworks leaves Dante at +2 frames. Crystal is also a god standalone poke and I think it combos into cr.L

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Yea I always ment to use stinger reverb but my execution was terrible I was hitting alot of random buttons lol

Since I’ve been playing a ton of Dante lately, on two diff teams (Wolve Dante Tron/Akuma, Dante Mag Tron/Akuma), I tend to use 3 main assists with him, Mag beam, tron, and Akuma. I have a pretty good handle on when I want to Tron or Mag beam, but with Akuma I find myself not really sure when the best times to call are. I can do the ol normal+assist, cancel normal to teleport, but would like to have a few more tatsu tricks than that. I figure there’s got to be a better strategy than getting in proximity, calling tatsu, and freestyling from there. Any specific “here’s why Dante really likes a tatsu” type setups or ideas along the lines of those that have been discussed with Drones, Beams, etc?

Side question: Are any of Wolverine’s assists particularly useful for Dante? Or just extra pixels in combo damage? Sometimes I’ll call Barrage then teleport, but it obv doesn’t feel particularly broken. When I’m on point w/ Dante and have Wolvie + someone else, it’s always the someone else as primary assist, but since you can call assists quicker if they’re alternated, sometimes I find myself wondering if there’s a good use for Wolvie. Thanks!

Wolverine’s B Slash assist activates fast and can hold people in place if you use it in the right spot to help you rushdown or set up a mix up. It only does like one hit though so it’s far from something you’re going to be using to help you win a tournament. I’m trying to get back into the mix of finding spots to use x-23’s low assist with Dante for unblockables but the the assist just doesn’t have a big enough hit box or fast enough speed for my tastes. I’m probably just going to wait till ultimate when her DP move gets buffed so I can use it as a safe crossover counter tag in.

Im pretty sure PR Rog was showing off some good tricks with Dante/Wolvie at EVO (cant remember which matches)

Rog uses the tornado claw assist purely for combo extension. Maybe you can kind of use it as a get-off DP? It probably has some startup invincibility. As for uses of tatsu assist, it’s also good for keepaway due its projectile-eating properties. I like to pre-emptively call Akuma to cover the long startup of Hysteric/Drive.