Smokin' Sick Style! The Dante General Discussion Thread!

I figure a character as powerful as dante with an assist as buff as tatsu, thereve gotta be some sick tricks or tactics

Yeah during last night’s Curleh Mustache Invitational, Yipes on commentary said of Dante with Tatsu (paraphrasing) “This is one of THE most gimmicky duos in the entire game” with a tone of voice as if it was virtually broken. But as I mentioned above, other than shit that works with most decent assists like normal+assist xx teleport, I can’t really think of anything too absurd. Wesker + tatsu on the other hand I know tricks for days, but Dante it just seems like linking a blocked pressure string into another attempt at a pressure string, or calling tatsu then teleporting. I figure there’s got to be trickier.

Speak of which, I was also revisiting Sent in the back of Dante Mag, and damn the logic there is just so solid. Dante dying leaving back a duo like Mag Sent, and giving Dante disruptah AND drones to work with, pretty sick. Only flaw really is neither assist is very helpful defensively, so you have to be careful when you call either.

In the interest of having the UMvC3 character threads be as awesome as possible, I am posting here to offer up my current Ultimate Dormammu Thread as a base skeleton to anyone who intends to manage a character thread, or something similar, in Ultimate. It is currently stripped of information, and will remain so until about a week before release. I am not attempting to toot my own horn, but rather offer to others what took me quite a bit of work to do, so that those who would rather not spend the time on such things do not have to.

I have received a lot of compliments to-date about the structure, and a few people have requested permission to use its structure for UMvC3, so I thought I would go around and make the offer to others who might not be aware that someone out there has already done the grunt work for them (haha). Because I am posting this in all the character forums, and this is time consuming on its own, I have not taken the time to check for how developed the thread I am posting on current is. Thus, I ask that no one be offended at my suggestion if your character forum is well constituted already - I mean no intrusion upon your methodologies!

Here is a link to the thread blueprint:

You can get an example of what it looks like when filled out here:

You are of course entirely welcome to change whatever you like if you want to incorporate this structure into your own thread. I have all of my posts saved as Word documents on my computer. If you would like these documents instead of having to copy/paste from the main threads, please feel free to PM me your email address, along with the character thread they will be used for, and I will gladly send them.

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I have been playing dante for some time now and it has been really annoying me for a while so i thought i might as well ask… How do i stinger bc teleport. I am able to do everything but that with dante. I believe that because i cannot stinger bold cancel teleport it cripples my gameplay. Can you guys help me with some tips or information. Also i have tried to watch the smexymillz tutorial and it hasnt really helped me any .

I just input down+S+H, down+S. I mentally imagine I’m just tapping down+S+H twice, but let my thumb (I play pad) ease off the H the 2nd time, if that makes sense.

Am i going to plink the s+h or press them together

The reason why Dante + Tatsu and to a slightly lesser extent Dante + Disruptor is retarded is the speed of those two assists. Most of the times you can react to a certain extent to some crossups, but with Tatsu, Akuma is so fast that you can’t block it even if you know it’s coming. You have the choice to either start reverse blocking at the end of Dante’s normal and get fucked if he does another normal instead of teleporting or push block the normals and have to guess between teleport J.H or teleport airdash J.H since you’re in push block stun and can’t jump air grab.

I remember a while back, I would keep getting hit by Wesker J.L+ Teleport behind or down + tatsu. I asked one of the OGs how to not get hit by it, he told me guess one side and hope your right.

If you watch the viscant vs yipes MM, it’s pretty clear. Yipes ONLy does normal string, slight delay, tatsu + tele. More often than not, it would land a hit. You don’t need special tricks when you’ve got something as retard as this

Most of the bad situations in MVC3 are like the bad situations in the old fighting games. The best way to get out…is to not be in the situation to begin with. Lot of situations and specific matchups in ST/3S and other old fighters are like this. Fast assist + fast teleport is basically an easy mode old game bad situation.

Well mag beam tricks I know intimately at this point. I guess tatsu offers the. Same kind of thing but only the in close versions. Disruptah gives you dirty crossups from anywhere, I love it. That’s why. I’m playin dante mag xxx. Drones seem. More. Appealing than a close range only disruptah.

Tornado claw assist allows for fatal claw during team super. The other two assists will do berserker barrage during team super. PR Rog’s trick is Wolvie with either Dante or Tron doing team super on welcome. Dante and Tron’s super animations are so long that fatal claw finishes earlier allowing a dash under or double dash under (back to the original side) while million dollar or that big robot super that tron does (dont know the name) holds the opponent in blockstun.

As slick as that seems, left/right mixups don’t break block stun. So unless they’re grounded and high/low-able, are you getting anything out of this besides looking sweet?

WHat’s the details on starting the DHC glitch using Million Dollars?

You need to cancel the first hit, and there is a minimum height requirement after a grapple. If you wait too long it won’t work

Can anyone explain to me exactly how to cancel forward H into volcano, I just cant seem to do it, ive tried different times to cancel it, it just wont come out

Bold move into volcano.

Does anyone on xbox live mind doing a couple of matches with me?

To cancel stinger into volcanoe i do stinger and while stinger hits them i do the dp motion the do S+L then quickly press M after S+L or you can plink S+L

Sorry PSN

What Ryken said but a deeper explanation: Bold Move cancels any of Dante’s ground normals into a jump. However, the first 3 frames are just like a regular jump’s meaning they can be canceled into a special move. By using Bold Move ( :s:+:atk:) after :f:+:h: you can cancel into a special move. Cancel into Volcano for combos and cancel into Reverb Shock then Fireworks if your opponent blocked the stinger (Fireworks leaves Dante at +2 frames).

Off topic: How can you tell how many frames a link is? For example, a Stinger can be linked after a Grapple but the timing is tight. Is there anyway I could find out if it’s a 1-frame, 2-frame, etc?

Kaiten want to play a few tomorrow? I need some practice against dantes

GT : Pong Boom

I will be on in an hour or something.

I was asking kaiten because i only have it on psn, sorry Superkewl