Smokin' Sick Style! The Dante General Discussion Thread!

Wasn’t talking to you good sir.

thanks guy, was helpful, i didnt know i had to bold move it, i thought it was just a strait up cancel

Ok my GT is illusiongodfist.

Depending on the time (got work tmw) but just add my name (Kaiten92) and if u see me on hmu. If I dont reply its probably just because Im playing PS2 or posting on here. And not sure if it matters but I usually dont do Bold Cancel bnbs online.

Well i will probably be on all day after school because i dont have work tomorrow i will add you later. by the way, do you have a good connection to NY?

I usually do.

I should. I usually play wireless but I’ve had my network cable connected for awhile plus I live right in Jersey. However, I have work from 3:30 to 9.

He was talking to me lol. Too much confusion ITT

Usually i am online from 6pm to 11 pm on weekdays so just hot me up with an invite once you are ready. I will add ou tommorow once i sign on

…yes it is lol.

Frame advantage on hit - startup of next move. Only applies to links.

He waits after the blockstun ends and they are falling before the left/right mixups. Not sure if it can be airdashed out of/flight. I saw him pull it off twice at Seasons Beatings and neither were able to get out of the mixup.

I have a quick question for guys who play online a lot. Do you actually go for “real” Dante combos online? By that, I mean combos that begin with that stinger-bold cancel- volcano stuff into teleports and whatnot. I can barely get his day 1 combo to actually work when playing online. I feel limited because I rarely get the chance to play locally and all this stuff I’ve been working on is really hard to pull off in lag.

Nope. Ever since I mistakenly tried to practice my BC bnb with 4/5 network bars (it didnt connect once on Trish) ive stopped trying to do it. It sucks bc the day 1 combos are easy but repetitive and even I get tired of seeing them. However I can usually do it in the corner (no airdash j:h: link)

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Lately I’ve been on good streak for getting bold cancels out online but that’s probably because I’ve been sticking with playing local people and just try really really hard to adjust. I still drop them sometimes of course but at least I can do them somewhat now. ITS STILL WAAAYY TOO HARD to do compared to offline though. Game is so garbage online.

marvel is complete shit online, it’s hard enough to find a match, but then you have to worry about lag -_-, i’v only ever play one friend on a constant basses online ever since this game DROPED.

Its so wierd. Everyone complains about online but the only thing I cant do online that I can do offline is the Bold cancel bnb. That airdash j:h: almost never connects but I can do corner bullshit and teleport cancels fine.

Thanks for the responses. I was literally heating up yelling at my tv last night when I couldn’t combo. I guess this is why I stopped playing online back when the game came out. sigh I almost wish I liked easy characters like Wolverine and Sentinel instead of Dante and Doom.

I can do them on and offline, it isn’t terribly difficult in my opinion. Of course, I don’t know what your connection is like though.

Bold Cancels are easy as fuck online, the window to bold cancel is huuuuuuge. I only played online twice, but it was in shitty connection(Tunisia to USA) and I could still do some bold BnBs, even though it was some simplified versions (no acid rains, no shot loops, no shots into stinger link)

I play online. I do BCs, acid rains, and solo grapples fairly easily.

There’s good online matches and bad online matches, though. Just find a new person to play with if it’s in slomo.