Smokin' Sick Style! The Dante General Discussion Thread!




I actually found that my problem was no delaying it enough. Meaning finishing the teleport motion before the stinger even connects


How do you guys feel about dante using grapple hook for solo mixups?

I play him 2nd on my teams and most of the time I only have hidden missles with him. I know about the hidden missles mixup off the grapple but sometimes I use the missles to create a mixup and they hit so I obviously can’t use it @ the end of my combo.

Solo off the hook he can do

dash under c.m meaty
dash under adf h meaty I think? double cross
dash but stay front side c.m
dash but stay front side, jupfwd, adb j.h

I think its decent but I just started fucking with grapple hook this week. I do love the mixups you get with missles after grapple hook but that can’t be achieved every time. Especially on certain builds or if you lose a character. Dante is always capable of comboing into grapple hook solo though. off hammer he can do gun loops, fwd+H grapple. On AA s.m, s.h, s, he can follow up with dive kick, dash back s, guns, fwd+h and everyone knows the other setup that starts off fwd+h.

I’m not sure if its been posted before but dante can do j.s and if you cancel a special as he falls to the ground, dante will land neutral with all the +frames off jump s without the recovery of jump S. I’ve seen the other variations on this glitch with the bold cancel and dash cancel but those had weird problems. bold cancel off jump s has punish time because you can hit bold cancel after a certain period of time after the first 4 frames and when you use the dash cancel off jump s, you have to dash block which means for a brief amount of time you can be hit. cancelling a speical off jump S allows dante to hit the ground with a dwnbck input and block. I usually do this with qcf+m, the special never animates either. Sometimes I try jump s, qcf, dwnbck+m to get an instant block. It just negates the landing recovery off the jump s. anyone else know about this?


Question for ya’ll, how rewarding is it when you guys mastered Dante? I was always curious to try and learn him but I got too intimidated to learn him, so I didn’t even touch him. Thank you everyone :).


It’s VEEEEEEERY rewarding once you get more comfortable with his tools that you can combo without thinking too much and approach without thinking too much. It’s satisfying once you can actually mix your opponents up properly with IAD’s, lows, blockstrings, teleports and other stuff. I’m having a great time playing him now after weeks of acidrain-teleports and random j.S’s lol.


Ha! You really think so? I wish I could’ve “attempted” to learn him in Vanilla, at least this’ll also be a fun adventure in learning Dante… you got any tips or habits I should adapt to when using Dante?


learn to utilize air play. it’s his main tool when playing his neutral game, from there, you can go into mixups, rushdown setups, or just continue to throw out air play to zone and keep a distance between you and your opponent.


When I first started playing him in Vanilla, I don’t think I was entirely doing it wrong, but I wasn’t doing it right either. I kept trying to just “out normal” everything, which back then wasn’t too bad. But coming from van to ult where his normals got nerfed hard, I had never learned to utilise all of his other tools.

j.236b, 236b, 236c, 214a all have their uses, along with a good amount more moves in the nuetral game. It’s up to you to learn when/where to use them.

Also, flashy combos!~ They feel so good to do once you get them 100%


Fo sho, number 1thing in Dante 101, if you’re not Airplaying, you’re not Dante-ing. I see him strut his guitar everywhere all the time! Guy sure loves his music.

Flashy combos is what Dante’s all about! However, don’t your finger’s get tired? Props to those with that kind of dexterity… I’m getting hype now.


yea, that is a really good starting point for newer players. If you can’t use air play in all its forms during neutral, you’re not going to do very well.

I think another good starting point for dante players is actually picking a good dante team. Since his normals are so slow, he can’t win any in close wars with speed. Everything has to be done further out and you have to learn to use his slower normals effectively. I think that is the hardest part about him honestly.

bold blocking is a high level trick with dante and most people do it on supers because of how easy it is there but I think the next layer for bold blocking will be doing it against normals which is 100x harder to do. supers give you that screen flash to try to time it, mid-game there is none of that shit. Dante is one of the few characters that can go for combo starters all day and if you wiff, you can always save your ass.


Vergil combos make my finger hurt more, holding down a single button for a long period of time hurts. Dante combos really aren’t hard though, they’re mostly timing based. Except for bold cancel, but that comes natural the moment it clicks in your head you never think about it anymore.


Yeah, once you get the muscle memory and timing down, you’ll be able to think “Oh I’ll bold cancel this” or “bold cancel that” and actually do it in game without thinking much. And you get to be flashy. Best reason ever.


When you find yourself becoming more consistent and you are able to do his more flashy and advanced combos that can be over 15-20 seconds in length, yes your fingers will start to cramp up, but you will get used to it, and eventually the pain will go away, the cramps will also reside faster once you are less button mashy and you start punching in the precise inputs, after a while the inputs will feel as smooth as butter.

Also the trick to proper spacing with Dante is to always keep your opponent within swinging distance of his sword, that way in most cases no matter how fast your opponents normals are, they will get stuffed harder than when Shaq played for the Lakers.


Coincidence that I’m also learning Magneto? I’m curious, Stinger is a great poking tool, and you’re able to BC it into Volcano, to start a combo from about… 2 and a half Ryu’s away. Is it just me or is there a reason people don’t use this.

Ha! Vergil Vergil… hey, no pain, no gain right? I mean… Vergil **IS **one of the best character’s in the game. In the long run, You’ll be glad that you’ve practiced with Vergil :), and hey! Maybe you’ll be able to play some Zero… and since you’re already a Dante player… Zero May Cry team in the future for ya? Maybe so…

You’re right! Like my teacher says," Practice makes Permanent". So spacing seems to be that important with Dante huh… I think I see why Air play is crucial to his neutral game now…

By the way… do you guys happen to know how many frames it is to cancel Stinger into Volcano? Or does it vary with what special you’re canceling into… or is it confidential to speak of frames on SRK.

Thank you all for the info everyone, you’ve all been very helpful to me…:china:


lol, vergil combos aren’t difficult at all, much easier then Dante combos. You don’t need much time practiced with him, It was only about a few days before he already felt like a solid member of my team. That was a few months ago. And no, I may be cheap but not cheap enough to pick up Zero. Wesker is a fine enough edition to the team, and he allows Vergil to do a lot more and gives him easier confirms. As well as good set ups with both the twins.

And yes, spacing is VERY important to dante. You need to be able to know what fights are in your favor and how to pick your fights. Against haggar you don’t want to be going in all HAM, so knowing when to do 236b or 236c is some thing very important. As well as knowing when to call your assists. If he’s just made a really bad call you can really punish him by dashing under and just doing BCS, but don’t get trigger happy with it. Dante is secretly a zoning character, he just needs one more good tool in his arsenal to solidify that, something assists do well. (The reason I like using Storm and Vergil assist with him, pushes them full screen)

With Wolvy and characters alike, you can’t let him get too close, he’s got his optimal range and you have yours. You want to make sure to either stay at yours or further. Spacing is very match up dependent and with a game with as many assists as this one, it changes. Playing is the only real way you’ll learn.

As for the stinger into volcano, I’m not sure and I could be throwing this off of the top of my head, but I believe it’s about 4f? I could be terribly wrong. The timing on it is much more important, though, it doesn’t seem to be too tight of a window, but you don’t have all day to do it either. You should always have enough time to hit confirm it, though, even if you’ve just done C, 6C.


Bad idea since Volcano will whiff anywhere outside close range. Stick to Reverb>Fireworks


Trenchcoat Mafia, lesgo. You know, I’m surprised there hasn’t been any top player’s using this team, the team has absurd normals, all powerful of anchor position, TOD’s, very surprising…

I’m guessing drones and missiles are what solidifies Dante’s zoning game. Dante can pretty much do whatever he wants provided you give him the assist required to, and people say Dante is ass…such rubbish.

Cool, I thought knowing the frames would give me an idea of how fast I should be going then. Mucho thank you sir.

Shame, Reverb Shock it is.


Team “Trench Coat” is overrated imo. There are much better Dante teams out there, everyone already knows Dante/Vergil is good, but Wesker provides little for the team besides unblockables for Dante.


It is overrated, scrubs just love the way the team looks. It just screams to a typical “cool” teenage boy, especially when they’re wearing black.


Man I just finished having an epic set with Cloud805er, and he is fucking crazy good, I was kind of able to hold my own against him, final score was 16-26 Cloud, some sick Dante tech was flying back and forth from both of us though, I should have fucking recorded that shit T_T