Smokin' Sick Style! The Dante General Discussion Thread!



As has been speculated Dante’s Devil Trigger does in fact have regenerative properties:

At 2:14 Dante activates the DT with no X factor and no red health. While DT’d Dante takes a hit and immediately starts regaining the red health. Gotta keep an eye on its other properties.


Not yet. There is no “stlye flash” for it, so I’m assuming it’s just a regular command. Perhaps it’s a charge move, or maybe a reverese dragon punch command?

I hope someone can test this at the next event.


I don’t know what happened to the other thread but this is cool. Also any of you have any fan art of Dante.


try deviantart or pixiv, they’ll fill you right up.


Nice reboot. Unlike DmC.

You may want to note that Reverb Shock can OTG.


Noted, thanks for the heads up.

Also noted. Thanks Robo. Has it been confirmed that Dante can stack DT and X Factor?


Good to see the thread rebooted. I’m assuming the title is based on DMC4’s SSS ranking? In which case it should be Smokin’ Sick Style, not Slick. Just a minor nitpick, but good job otherwise!


Excellent work! I can’t believe I overlooked such a small detail! Nice to see more DMC fans in this thread! Edits


I’m not sure how fast X factor usually regenerates, but here’s a vid where he DT’s during X factor:

It does seem VERY fast.


Impressive. Thanks again Robo, I’m adding this to the videos.


Having re-watched that video I’ve realized that I made a mistake. The Dante that is DT’d does NOT X factor boost. The other Dante does, and the positioning of the two Dante’s confused me into thinking the left health bar belonged to the DT’d Dante on the left.

However, we can still see that DT does in fact regenerate as BOTH Dante’s are regaining health, though the X factor regains at a far quicker rate than the DT. I’ll post a video if I ever see Dante layer a DT with X factor.


Huh, I guess you’re right. Still pretty interesting though.


Here we go! [media=youtube]aRVtg1UjdsA&feature=player_embedded[/media]

Definitely X factors into a DT. Hard to tell if he heals faster without a side by side comparison, but fucking hell, LOOK AT THE SPEED! X factor + DT is dial-a-comeback. :smokin:


Damn, I am happy I let you take it over, xD! I will try to help if I can, just wont be on much.


Thanks, man! Lol, any help is appreciated, any time in the day. Everyone is really doing a kickass job of making the Dante thread(s) great.

Nice, nice! This is great news, DT is looking like a great transformation super.


I remember I saw a vid a while ago where a player comboed into Crystal, but he was able to do another attack after Crystal.

I wonder if its possible to launch your opponent after comboing into Crystal?


Hmm, do you mean he did the Crystal followup, Million Carats, or he just followed it up with another random move? If it’s the latter, awesome. That means that maybe the hitstun for Crystal is pretty good, making it an even better move in the long run!


The player only did the first part of Crystal (threw shards of ice) and he comboed a standing C after that, so it looked like it had a good hit stun.

I’m wondering if after you do Dante’s air juggle where he dives down diagonally with his sword and then launches again. Maybe after he comes down from his dive he can do Crystal and then launch again.

Damn I wish I could find that vid again, I remember it was during Chicago Fight Club. I’ll try to look for it again.

This is interesting
Go to 5:58 and it looks like he was able to combo after Volcano, which I assume its Volcano.


Niiiiiiiiiiiice! That does look like Volcano. Not only can you combo into it, it looks like you can also jump cancel it on hit and followup with an Air Combo! This is excellent news, thanks you GoreHound! edits


No prob Jocelot!

I’m glad you took over the Dante thread.

go to 4:24

Is it possible to combo Volcano into Crystal?

I hope you can :bgrin: