Smokin: Woman Sexually Assaults Boy 50 Times, 2 Years Dungeon


It was only after the 50th time that she realized it was wrong.


Wow. I mean, as a child, I knew men worshiped pussy but this is ridiculous.


She’s ugly, so this is morally reprehensible.


2 years? are you fucking kidding me?

“The judge in the case told Morris that he would be lenient with the sentence”


I’m not surprised at all. If the judge wasn’t “lenient” she would have gotten 5 years max, but released early for sure on parole.


south park nniiccee :coffee:


That smug face with the cancer stick hanging off her lip. She knows damn well that molesting children is the most despicable act a person could commit, punishable by public condemnation at least, and agonizing death at most. except when you’re female


Its not a double standard because men like sex while women don’t.

She should be APPLAUDED for doing what every 8 year old wants to do with a 16 year old.
She is a hero.


Wow even ugly bitches get the lenient sentencing…


“The judge in the case told Morris that he would be lenient with the sentence - which will see her released from jail after one year - because she ‘realised it was wrong’ and stopped having sex with the boy.”

Important part highlighted. Doesn’t seem like we’ll ever flush these chivalrous shits out of the judicial system, no matter how bad the crime is. -__________-


Change thread title to: Boy Busted for Bragging About Nailing Ugly Woman.


I didn’t even know kids could get boners at 8…what the fuck.


You can get boners at birth.


So some asshole was eavesdropping on this kid, then has the idea to be a dick and report it to the authorities and take away his only source of poon-tang?

What a fucking narc.


He was hittin that for 6 years? He was saving up to buy her that ring


what a nasty fucking piece of shit child molesting ass CUNT


Two years is not enough. I bet she made up something him slipping a ruffie in one of the juice boxes he gave her.


UK’s female sexual offender laws are the new stand your ground.

This woman is disgusting, looking at such a young person in a sexual light! clicks on child stars that grew up to be hot thread


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She should get jailed for a good 10 years…but she probably has mental issues and jail time on women is sexist.