Smurf pc steam reset


Everytime I get on my smurf, I have to do the beginners introduction and settings gone to default, when i go back to my main account, it does the same, giving me the beginners introduction, default etc


First for other readers who don’t know what a Smurf is.

This is not what were talking about, we aren’t referring to the Cartoon of the same name.

The concept of smurfing is to create additional accounts (with lower rank than your actual skill) so that you’ll be matched with players much worse than yourself either simply to stomp them, or because you want to boost or troll your friends without endangering your current rank.

Back to the actual discussion

  1. You shouldn’t be smurfing the first place.
  2. That said, Don’t get caught by Steam. Smurfing can result in a VAC ban.
  3. Your running 2 separate accounts, yes settings are saved but they are saved locally and not on the cloud.
    So When you switch accounts you lose your previous settings.
  4. No I will not help you bypass this.


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reddit was helpful and figured out my solutions.

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