Snake Eyes Post In Here?

I talked to him yesterday at Level Up. He said he’s down for $$$ match in Classic mode.

I’m feeling young again.

Ha, that’s hype. He’s posted some Zangief tactics recently. Please record the matches if possible.

Just a guess, but you might find him in the gief thread? :wonder:

So… O.Dhalsim in the area?

Not only does Snake Eyez post here… but* I *do too!

Get hype?


Classic? Real men bet in HDR.

if you do $$$ match, be sure to record the match so we can enjoy the fight as well.

also, it would be interesting if us spectators could place bets on the players as well. you know I got money on my boy with the 12 fingers and 57 macro button controller snake eyes :wink:

OLD SCHOOL vs NEW SCHOOL! LET’S GO! :slight_smile:

If Snake Eyez is as good in Classic as he is in Remix, I got mad props for him. I gotta see this!!

Real men play ST.

^Good thing ST is in the title of both games, right?

Anyways, I wonder if he will use a pad for the money match. Classic lariats on a pad is not fun.

Yeah its no fun pushing all 3 buttons for lariat on a controller…

All I know is that on a ps3 controller, it is really awkward and annoying to push three buttons at once. I can’t imagine the xbox controller being any better. Maybe a saturn pad would be different.

I think Snake uses a Mad Catz SF4 pad, which has the buttons laid out 3 by 3, Saturn style.

I over heard him talking about 3 button lariat on his pad, but i couldn’t make out if he said that it was harder or easier for him. that info may change the betting line.

so is this thing going to happen or what?

Yea i do play on a ssf4 madcatz fightpad and it is harder to pull of the lariat on pad but it shouldn’t be harder than playing MVC2 on a pad so that’s no problem. Lets get these money matches goin!

Be sure to send me an invite so I can record the matches.

It would be best if there is no one else but me in the lobby to reduce the chance of lag.

EDIT: Oh hell, you guys can play in person!

Hey shirts, if your in LA, then you can come up to Ranbats at Denjin and MM Snake Eyez there. :slight_smile:

We could do them at wed fight nights! Seasons beatings or Denjin ranbats. i think i saw shirts at wed fight nights.

If you can do it at Wed night fights you should ask if you can fight it out on the stream. :slight_smile:

Hollywood Park might ask for a cut…