Snake Eyes Post In Here?

You just going to use Gief or Ken/Ryu too?

He should use O.Sagat or O.Ken and call it a day…

Since it’s a real mans game after all. :shy:

Shotos against Dhalsim is already not something easy. I don’t see why one would use Ken instead of Ryu but by being more used to the character, let alone O.Sagat against the only character that beats his ass. IIRC, O.Ken has all his match-ups rated the same as N.Ryu or worse.

Dude, I just have to say that Sanke Eyez is a cool champ. I am totally digging the fact he is willing to through down on any SF. You boys have fun!

Looks like I’ll have to get back to playing this game. =) It’s been a while. I’m pumped though. I’ll be in Japan next month, so I’ll see how my practice is coming before I leave. Maybe we can do it the first week of Sept at Wed. Night Level Up.

So what stakes are you willing to do?

$250, first to 10? I’m willing to start here. If you want to go higher we can talk about it.

Yea def $250 sounds cool with me I’m ready whenever you are ready.

Snake Eyez coming for that rent money! lol

Yo, snake eyez. Sounds good to me. HD Classic Mode. I’ll have to start practicing like I said. It’s been a while.

On a side note: What is your max bet?

My OG friend is willing to play you on an ST arcade cabinet for a $1000 minimum. Otherwise he says it’s not worth his time to start practicing again. I know you are a pad player, so just throwing this out there. What do you think?

I think you’ve awakened some OG players. =)

For the record, if anyone starts throwing down 1K money matches in ST / HDR that stuff better be streamed…

Side bets?

Sounds like you’re scared :wink: (heh, just whipping up the HYPE!)

Shouldn’t it be something like best of 10 with 5 on classic mode and 5 on HDR though…?

fatboy, if you know it was classic mode would you bet on snake eyes or shirts? I believe shirts plays sim so it would be 7.5 in his favor on paper, but snake eyes is a friggin beast.

Nah, just super rusty. I don’t play anymore. But now I want to.

The bet is all classic.

Do you agree that sim:gief in classic/ST is 7.5 in sim’s favor?

I wonder who this could be :stuck_out_tongue:

That requires a perfect execution on sim’s side. I got destroyed by a very good gief even when I have a 90% life lead just from a single mistake.

So it might be a 7:3 matchup at the highest level, say for for gian vs pony (assuming that both of them are in top form).

Snake eyes is at his prime right now, and judging from his EVO performance, he could really steal the round from a single chance.

So Shirts really need to practice up even the matchup favors sim.

BTW, I have mad respect for Snake eyes for taking on challenge in classic mode, as FT10 really don’t favor the low tier characters and gief is low tier in classic / ST.

Wolfe brothers, Mike Watson? XDD

BTW few days ago a guy claimed that he is Mike Watson on GGPO. If that is true, then he is really rusty :stuck_out_tongue:

I know Shirts is nice but I’ll bet anyone $50 SE takes it…any takers?

BTW SE I heard shirts be talking about your mom!

I don’t believe in tiers or rating systems.

@ geo: That is s tough question.

SE is more recently practiced in general SF game play and is a smart player. Shirts is OG, out of practice, and a smart player.

However player dynamics aside, I think it is going to come down to SE comfort with ST Gief. Truth be told, 10 matches is nothing in ST. I am not sure how familiar SE is with ST geif’s limitations.If he is not, then those match are going to go pretty quickly in Shirts favor.

Snake Eyez, uses all of HDR Gief’s new tools to their potential. The Shorter hop, no full body clothes line, no low invincibility close line, and slower green hand could really change the game for a player use to HDR Gief. ST Gief really is a different character.

Now, I am not saying SE can’t win. He might be very comfortable with ST Gief. But if he is not, he may be surprised at the holes in Gief’s game play. However, I bet with all the stuff that was said in the ?Snake eyez wins it? thread, that he is learning ST Gief just to prove a point. Regardless, of anyone’s opinions about HDR v. ST, Snake Eyes is a smart player.

Ok… Just for the record: Things ST Gief can’t do.

*Beat ground pokes with punchx3.
This means he can’t close distance on a low poke knock down. If you watch SE, he’ll do punch X3 to beat a low poke/meaty, which scores a knock down, and then holds forward while spinning to close distance.

  • Can’t use the invincibility on the kick X3 to create space. SE likes to stay right at the end players range and then back up with kick X3 to get them to whiff moves and create opportunity. This actually creates some interesting mix up games with punch X3. But, I don’t feel like writing all that out. :stuck_out_tongue:

  • Can’t zone/ rush nearly as well with the Green Back Hand, it?s slower and has more recovery. Gief has to guess much earlier on green hand FB’s counters. Not to mention, there is more time for him to be hit afterward it he uses it to close distance and rush down.

  • Hop doesn’t go as far, so he has to get the much closer to get in. He can’t nearly hope over low attacks as well.

All things being equally, if SE has adjusted his ST Gief game play enough to account for the changes. He’ll probably win simply because he is playing more. But, if he is not use to these changes, I really believe there is a slight advantage to Shirts by nature of expereince in this ST match up.

But, I think that is what makes this so fun, because there are several variables that can easily way the match either way. Either way I think it is cool and totally Ballzy by both players. I can?t wait!