Snake Eyez Takes It!

pad thing is nice but how about an online player winning it? I get to many excuses by people saying Gief cant get away with that crap offline, etc…

xoSNAKE EYEZxo would have won Evo regardless of who he faced, which is precisely why I predicted he would win. (Ask Kacom)
He makes the Honda-Zangief matchup look like it’s in Zangief’s favor! xoSNAKE EYEZxo is the new Evo Champion of HD Remix, period.

i was hoping that he would win and knew he had a shot. i’ve seen the way he plays against everyone (honda and sim included) and he’s comfortable against anyone with anyone. my only real worry was how afro beat him in wcw. nonetheless, he won and in the manner that he won, there is absolutely no argument as to who the man to beat right now is.

Yeah man. I found it much easier to play Gief offline than online. There is actually time to react when there isn’t lag ^_^;.

Sirlin has a nifty article up about his experience with Snakeyes: Game Design, Psychology, Flow, and Mastery - Blog - Evolution 2010: The Miracle Man with?Zangief

Edit: Thelo beat me to it :sweat:

That article is disgusting and insulting to all who play ST. How can you be so naive as to measure snakeeyez’ HDR performance against legendary ST players. It’s like giving someone a rocket assisted aluminum bat and then putting them on the same level as Hank Arron when they set the home run record. Zangief doesn’t work the same way in that game. As he is now in HDR is comparable to Abel in SF4, aka fucking retarded. I stated that Zangief was too powerful at the first Capcom Fight Club in NYC, and again in the podcast 2 weeks before EVO. Being good with Zangief in HDR is not amazing. Being good with him in ST is. I stopped playing HDR a long time ago. Playing it again this past EVO really opened my eyes to just how intermediate friendly it is. Shit is baby zone! For the record, I’d rather fight o. sagat and vega in ST than zangief in HDR. Faster green hand, faster hop, and faster running bear grab make it too easy for him to get in now. Combined with the new easy SPD motion its just stupid.

Oh boy…

Ducks for cover

Well I agree that his new SPD motion is really, really, really, really, really, really, really fucking stupid, seeing as the 270 isn’t even hard to pull off in the first place (pad or stick), and almost everything else in your post, except comparing HDR Gief to O.Sagat is… lol. Let me get some of that stuff you are smoking.

Someone is mad salty it seems.

congrats to snake eyes and dgv for a very entertaining fight. I had picked dgv to win the match. I’m sure he’ll get his revenge some day :slight_smile:

Was damdai’s account hacked?

that’s funny… zangief broken.

Zangief is fucking beatable. Snake Eyez is fucking beatable. I have beat him online and I’m sure that I can beat him in person. I’m not trying to brag or boast, he is a tough and skilled player, I’m just saying it can be done, and I have done it with Ken, a so-called disadvantageous matchup for me (I think it’s even). Zangief is not overpowered or broken IMO.

I’d much, much rather play R.Zangief than O.Sagat or ST Vega. So what if Zangief has a faster Running Grab or better Lariats or better BFs? He needed those improvements cuz he was low tier. And he’s still low tier IMO. So what if SPDs have easier motions? When that change was first announced, pro-ST players were claiming that Zangief doesn’t need that, as ST Zangief players could already do walk up 360s. So…what’s the problem? The 270 SPD motion is not that difficult to execute in ST. Even I could do walk up 360s in ST on pad. Granted, I would miss it 4 out of 5 times, but that’s cuz I’m not a Zangief main. If I really focused on maining ST Zangief, I’m sure I could do walk up 360s all day. The new motion doesn’t change anything.

If it had been Kuni who won EVO instead of Snake Eyez, nobody would say a peep. And that’s the fucking truth.

Just because an “unknown player” won EVO, some people are taking that as an excuse to blast HDR. Even some who previously preferred HDR to ST are hating just cuz they’re losing to “online pad warriors”. So when you start losing, you start hating on HDR? :rofl: That’s just pathetic. Some so-called “top players” have been getting by on luck in previous tournies IMO.

yep, guess who i found online practicing everyday even up to the day before evo began. guess who was practicing every night during evo. go figure someone that dedicated won.

It’s too fast and convenient, it doesn’t require a single up motion so you can easily buffer the whole thing anytime since you won’t jump.

I would be interested in seeing an updated matchup chart of yours; a lot seems to have changed since last year, when you claimed HDR Zangief lost most matches 3-7.

og sagat doesnt win for free on one knockdown or if he just gets close to you for that matter

Gief is too good in HDR? This is a discussion I never thought would take place in a million years. What’s next, Honda owns shotos?

I’m looking forward to Gief winning most tournaments from now on and 6 out of the final 8 with Gief at EVO next year…

We’ll see I guess.

I don’t think it’ll happen but it would be good for Cammy and DeeJay players to have that huge a metagame shake-up though!

I’m not sure why folks would discount damdai’s opinion on Zangief so quickly. If you recall, he was one of the first to call for Gouki being overpowered in HDR (back when some folks here actually thought he was only mid tier). Also, he initially announced this belief on the podcast interview ahead of Evo so it isn’t simply a reactionary response to Evo results. I respect that he’s made accurate, prophetic results about HDR.

The biggest part I don’t like about HDR Zangief is that his changes to startup and recovery really segregate those who have fast reaction times and those who don’t. For example, the few who can still respond to the new running bear grab on reaction are rewarded whereas others who find it very difficult are now forced to stay back (until they reach the corner) or guess pokes. There are basically a lot more “have not” players that are adversely affected because of the limits of their reaction times and I don’t agree with that sort of character buffing mentality.

Anyway, I’m not sure what to say about Snake Eyez other than I didn’t see anyone win a majority of matches over him in competition or casuals. His Zangief is certainly the player/character to beat right now in HDR. I applaud his efforts and hope that his mentality has been calmed by success. Maybe if he plays classic mode ST sometime (although I’m not sure if he cares about that version or not), we can see whether those skills are transferable to ST and, consequently, whether damdai’s assessment is accurate. I personally doubt that the results would be very similar between HDR and ST but would like nothing more than to be proven otherwise (since opinions mean nothing when it comes to game performance); it would be pretty cool to have an ST Zangief dominant in the US.