Snake Pit Round 2: Results + Vids - 3v3 Tekken Tourney - London UK

Snake Pit - Round 2


1st - Team Free
Free Your Mind, King Jae, Trance Addict (Harry’s World)

2nd - Team FNC
Fanatic Jin, Bonus Jin, ROO KANG

3rd - Team Sons of Luna
LUNA, Tim Kazama, Isa

4th - Team Cobra
Cobra Commander, Vicious Charles, Eddie


Playlist of Chef Cam videos are here:

I would recommend you to watch the whole playlist if you can. But if you really don’t have time, here are a couple of the MUST WATCH ones!!!

SEMIS2 - SONS OF LUNA Tim vs TEAM FREE Trance Addict (aka Harry’s World)

SEMIS2 - SONS OF LUNA Luna vs TEAM FREE Trance Addict (aka Harry’s World)

And there are more good matches, such as:

FINAL - TEAM FNC BonusJin vs TEAM FREE FreeYourMind
aka Mother’s Day present

FINAL - TEAM FNC RooKang vs TEAM FREE FreeYourMind
Roo Kang is always tick!!!

Plus both FreeYourMind and Tim were properly beasting for most of the tournament.

You can also check out the videos in the stream archive, which contain commentary and editing (and bookmark the URL for next month)
Youtube playlist of stream videos:

Some photos are here:

Thanks to everyone who came this time too!!!
Unfortunately clashed with Mother’s Day, but it was a pretty decent turnout considering (10 teams = 30 people, + a few more for casuals)

See you next month!! Same place, same time, Sunday 22nd April 2012!!

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