Snakebyte HDMI Selector - Input Lag Free?


Hi all. At the moment, I have my PS3 and X360 hooked up to my monitor via HDMI and Optical (which plugs into my sound card of my PC) but every time I want to switch between systems, I take out the HDMI+Optical cable out of one system and put it in another. The actual process I don’t mind doing but I’ve heard that doing this constantly can damage the connectors of the consoles so I’d like to get a HDMI switcher that also takes in Optical for audio. So I’ve come across this: Snakebyte Premium HDMI Selector.

It seems that it would do the job I need but I also came across this on eBay: which is about £20 cheaper than the one on Amazon. I’m always wary of buying stuff from China due to the often poor build quality of the products sold but at the same time, the lesser cost is more attractive.

I care about image quality for sure but primarily, I care about input lag. With my monitor, there is no input lag when connecting any of my systems directly with an HDMI cable but I’m concerned that if I throw in an HDMI switch, it’ll introduce input lag so would anyone have any knowledge on HDMI switches that take in Optical audio input as well?