Snap Back in a Bottle! The Hakushon Daima? thread!

Get HYPE! :mad:

Thank you to the contributes so far for helping with this guide:

How to unlock:

Move List:
Nazeka Slip: 22+ attack
Itsumono Mahou: 236+ Attack
Totsuzen Tackle: 4–6+ Attack
Sekka Kunanode Kyuuin: 63214 + Attack
Shoushiya Risugitakan : 623 + Attack (also in air)

Honka Kutekini: 236+ 2 Attacks
Nakkou Yarisugita Kan: 623 + 2 Attacks
Dousenari Motto Kyuuin: 414 + 2 Attacks (Level 3)

Things to remember:

You’ll have to unlock him first though. :stuck_out_tongue:

Just a quick info - his launcher cannot be combo’d like Roll.

Found it.

Beat the game once with any Tatsunoko char. It will then state that he is able to be purchased in the shop. Each hidden char costs 1000p.

-Tha Hindu

updated with how to unlock, move list and launcher info.

Very, very basic combo:

Launcher -> cancel into super genie throw

Always end your air combos with genie throw - AFAIK the longer air time the more damage the attack does.

if you dont use 6C at the end of to combo, you are still near enough to end it with a 22A/B/C which can also be canceled into his super genie throw

also you can combo his super genie throw after this lvl 3

and the different types of Itsumono Mahou: 236+ Attack:
A = creates a dog which hunts your enemy OR you if the enemy is airborne or too far away
B = creates a seal, which acts like a small explosion
C = creates some tasty healing meat

The meat doesn’t heal beyond the red life AFAIK, and the enemy can pick it up.

His junk summon can appear anywhere (something like the position of Doronjo’s minions AFAIK), but only two can be in the battlefield at the same time.

Thank you for all the info. I appreciate it. I should be getting my copy today so I will be able to contribute some info as well.

Found some stuff out last night.

-only the :snkc: genie lamp causes the snap back.

  • :snkb: strength of genie lamp causes wall bounce which can be linked into genie throw super (:dp:+2 attacks)

-c.:snkc: combo’s into :snkb: lamp throw.
c.:snkc: also combo’s into snap back lamp throw. (timing is really strict)

cr.:snkc: combo’s into normal and super genie throw.

  • His :qcf:+2 Attack Buttons is really good. After the 4th hit of the super the opponent goes into dizzy which is a perfect set up for a DHC (I’ve been using people like Tekkaman and Chun)

Decent BnB is :snka:,:snka:, :snka:, :snkb: (2 hits), :snkc: xx :qcf:+2 attacks
another good BnB: :snka:, :snka:, :snkb: (one hit), cr.:snkc:, any genie throw.

:snkb: (2 hits) links with super lamp throw.

his :d:, :d: + attack slide drops the junk and his :qcf:+attack makes the items turn into various things depending on strength of slide used and strength of magic touch (:qcf:+attack)

Lamp Grab Super Combo’s into his Genie Grab Super (may or may not be worth using 4 bars though. :lol:)

I’ll update first post with this stuff and hopefully more later.

Here’s 2 BnB combos. I’m still working on getting the quality to what i’d like it to be, but this is ok for now.


From what I’m seeing, its probably best to end a ground combo with 2c, then 2 2+button camp drop special xx super anti air throw. If you used the right camp-drop, you should be standing on it with enough time to cast 236+c to get healed a bit while the opponent gets up.

He doesnt deal great damage, but he has high health and can heal himself, so I think lasting forever may be a big part of his game.

cl.:snkc: can combo into :snkc: lamp throw (snap back)

There is some new Daimao gameplay on my youtube that shows me using the healing quite a bit more successfully.

Players can mash out of slow qcf+pp DHCs though (like into polymar drill machine), so be aware of that.

Oh - CORRECTION - his heal actually goes BEYOND the red life. In fact, it extends BOTH red AND yellow life.

Is there a way to combo his launcher from anything? He has some nice aerial raves, but setting them up is pretty difficult without being able to land the launcher.

Air down+C will keep the momentum of your air dash and can be used as a hella prioritized ambiguous cross up. You can cancel into belly bump or dp for safety or the occasional combo off it as well. Shit is super good.

You can combo his launcher very easily off of hcb+b command grab or a baroque off down+C.

easy 26k damage, no meter, no baroque combo with ryu assist:

2A 5B (2 hits) -> P -> 5C -> (ryu assist hits) -> 6C (opponent staggered) -> 623B (whiff) -> 5B (1 hit) -> 3C -> jump cancel -> j.B (3 hits) -> jump cancel j.B (2 hits) -> uncombo 623C

you get 19600 damage before the grab, the grab adds on another 6500

the timing for hitting the P is right before you hit 5C. after launching, wait a while so that you can get the j.B to hit 3 times

would that work with Saki Assist if you pressed it a little sooner? I don’t really know alot about the assists in this game as I’ve just watched videos, but her she just smacks them with her gun right? or is it the delayed hit of the fireball that makes this combo work?

So does anyone have any setups with his command grabs? I used to do tick throws by cancelling the first hit of standing B into his B command grab, but a lot of people like to mash jab in this game:rofl:

Does anyone use his ground command grab super?

Alsoo, everyone know you can cancel his belly charge move into his antiairgrab super? I usually combo that after a B command grab. But sometimes I just throw that charge move out randomly and get lucky with that ish.

Btw, I have found no uses for using the dog or the card explosion:sweat: Except for maybe that dog interrupting my opponent’s combo.