Snap in defense and avoiding TAC

Im fairly new to phoenix. So i figured id ask the pro phoenix players some tips. Im having a real problem with the snap ins. I usually air dash up, then fly away. Or try a quick teleport behind them and jump to safety, but if he catches u before the teleport comes out your dead. What do u guys feel is the best option when snapped in?
Also, i dont no, maybe its me, but i just feel like EVERYONE i play does the same. Besides the snap ins, the TACs are a real problem. Soon as an air combo goes up, whatdo u do? Obviously u keep mashing down S to prevent meter loss. Its like u have no other option. So good players just TAC right left or up and theres nothing to stop them. They no u HAVE to mash down so u get crushed with a full TAC. Lot of damage. What do u guys do to deal with this?
Thanks ahead of time for any info.

My bad. Just re read it over. I meant you have to keep mashing right left S to prevent meter loss, not down S.

Well treat being snapped in as just a character dieing. You have to eat that mixup with every character. If they are doing a proper meaty then yes you have to block, but you also have to be weary of guard breaks.

Phoenix does have more options which you’ve listed if they don’t meaty you. Airdash to fly is usually the best option, then just plink dash out. If they do something like set a flame carpet and start charging spells, then you could surprise them with a quick teleport M into combo. If you really are scared of them jumping at you, then sometimes it’s just best to do a super. Xfactor it if it whiffs or you want to combo them (especially if you get a happy birthday). The worst option and it’s what FChamp and Neo still do to this day is airdash up and d+H (I like to call it the pelican dive). It’s like doing a helm breaker but with a hitbox a quarter of the size. You can always mix it up with teleports and flight though.

TACs are just a part of the game. Some phoenix players want none of it and mash side all the time (except when on last character and are worried about any of the xfactor or whiff TAC techs) and some like to play the game like usual with risking going for the down TAC break. It’s up to you if you think you can afford to lose a meter based on a read. I like to go for all side direction breaks and I know FChamp does as well. I would say out of the 32 people I play with the most who regularly use TACs I break their TACs about 90% of the time.

Thanks man. Ill try to put all that together.