Snap in

So I just replaced the parts of my Madcatz TE with new Sanwa parts and something bugs me.

I know putting in the snap in buttons is suppose to be like the easiest thing wen modding a stick so this may sound silly…

Anyway after I replaced the buttons the new ones just don’t seem as tight as the originals.For example I can slightly put my finger nail under them (just a little bit, like 1-2 milimeters). I couldn’t do that with the original buttons that the stick came with.

And yes,I did push the new buttons in pretty damn hard.

I can play fine and everything but this bugs me.Is this normal wen replacing buttons or am I just fucking up the easiest thing ever ? (its probably the second one but I want to hear it from the pros.)

push them in at the rims, also do it while the panel is off. The wires underneath could obstruct the button from going all the way in.

Are you installing these new snap-ins into the stock TE art/panel? Or did you replace the stock TE art/panel with a plexi panel ala Art Hong & Tek Innovations?

If the latter you might wanna sand down or shave the plastic retainer nubs on the base of the button. Might make flush mounting the buttons a little easier.

They just need a firm press around the rim. Same thing happened to me on a few buttons when I was modding my last stick. Dont worry about breaking the buttons either, they get alot more bashing and mashing hits when playing a round of SF4.