Snap in ???

Question to everyone is anybody using a Sanwa snap in with a custom mod stick with wood and not a metal plate ?

I think people use screw ins with wood.

you cant really make wood as thin as a metal panel

If you have a wooden outer case and have a metal control panel, that’ll work.

Having a wooden control panel won’t, it’s too thick.

It sucks that Sanwa don’t make the same colour range across the board.

I also tried drilling some divots most the way through thicker wood and having snap-in grab in those divots the thin amount of wood remaining. Basically the snap-ins quickly wore the remain thin wood area away.

Thats good to know I was thinking of doing the same thing. How thick of a piece of metal do you need for the buttons to snap in correctly?

Has anybody had experience with the snap ins working with the lexan or acrylic? I really want to make a violet button setup in a wood case, and don’t have the stuff to work with metal.

They snap onto plexi quite well, as long as it’s around 3mm thick.

Thanks for all the replies. I figured that it would not work. But wanted to see if any of ya have tried it. It does damn suck the colors are not cross the board

I want some violet OBSN-30’s too.

Yeh, it stinks that the don’ follow the same color pattern for both types of buttons.

Like Dreamcaz man said, they work well with plexi or lexan. Just make sure the button holes in the wood have divots like on this TMO masterpiece.
Also, you can cram them into regular wood holes that haven’t been thinned out in the back and pressure holds them in. I’ve seen a few photos of sticks using this method but I haven’t tried it myself. I’ve also seen people add a dab of glue for extra security. I wish I could find a picture of that for you.

Wait, I found one.
Good example of clean wiring too.

Is one better to use over the other if you have plexi or lexan over the wood?