Ok guys I would like thought and opinions about the “ethics” and morality of this move. I mean whenever you play someone you always have the option to snap out their weakest character to just completely fuck over your opponent but people tell me it takes real skill to take on your opponent at their best. Sometimes when I play sentinels and land a hit, I would usualy snapout but then everyone starts telling me that I’m “cheap” and I end up getting dirty looks. So whats your stance on it?

That article might be an interesting read for you.

Personally, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with snapbacks. Your opponent can do the same to you, and all it does is change your current matchup. Anybody can learn how to play all of their characters effectively on point, or at least stall long enough to bring in a different character.

I think snapbacks are great, personally… when I can remember to do them. :lol:

One key snapback can turn around an entire match. If my opponent calls assists a lot, it’s not unusual for my power teams to have at least one assist badly damaged (or “bloody”, as some people call it). That’s what snapbacks are all about for me, not so much getting somebody’s ‘weak link’ on point necessarily. They are faster than the corresponding normal would be ordinarily, so many times they combo in ways you might not think of right offhand.

I think generally people’s mentality is ‘raw offense first’, maybe choosing to save that meter for another super/DHC rather than snapback. That’s seems to be the case here locally, at least.

Maybe it’s a love/hate relationship thing, you know, getting them by mistake and all… :mad::lol:

That maneuver [Snapback] was deliberately put there and should be used. To even concider their arguement not to use it is stupid. The snapback is there to ensure that assists are used and used smartly and not abused. It’s like when people bitched about throwing in SF. If someone’s real good at blocking [isn’t hard] and there is no unblockable maneuver that can hurt them for it, they win instantly [So retarded].

Here’s a less condescending article on the subject of Cheapness. I disagree very slightly with his opinion of what a scrub is, but I think this article is accurate enough to give you an idea of just how idiotic their bitching about snapouts is [yes those bitches are scrubs BTW…].

And while we’re at it, Be careful not to go to the opposite extreme. Here’s 2 articles [1 from the same website ] to read that warn about the opposite ends of the spectrum. People that take this thinking too far will destroy the best fighting game [IMSO] ever made.
-Head to articles and read “The SF Straight and Narrow by BLT”

If they bitched about the snapout, GB them after with Cable. They deserve it.


ignore these guys

snapbacks are cheap and should never be used, they’re soft banned in tournaments

omg you are correct?!!1

Like Justin said…MvC2 is like a divide and conquer game. Take out the weakest link first chance you get.

Yeah, right…


I’ll assume you’re being sarcastic. For now that is…

Tell this to Soomighty…

Deathfist, your last link mentions MvC1 videos, but the links are not there. Do you know where I can find them?

I didn’t explore that part until you mentioned it. I think they removed the links and I don’t know where they are myself unfortunately.

Does SooMighty think snapbacks are bad or something?

I think so, but I’m not entirely sure. I don’t know him but I think he said they are but don’t hold me to that. It doesen’t matter because…

1]He’s probably [IMO] the only top player that thinks they are. [assuming of coruse I’m even right about that]

2]Unless you…
a-eat a combo that results in a snapout [Hint, block the combo attempt and guardpush them off you problem solved]then
b-get guardbroken [Why I like having 2 good AA on the same team occasionally vs Mags], then
c-snapped back in so that you can’t block for a split second on the second fall in [new glitch]and
d-finally have the person take advantage of it [that or GB you again] then yes it can be bad. That’s alot of ands.

Did you see why I don’t think it’s unfair?
1]He has to get close
2]He has to land a hit to actually trigger all of this [that hit can be the snapout]
And I’m not even going to get into the other things you can do during a normal jump.

Snapouts are meant to be there and meant to be used. If they wind up more brutal than originally intended [which they did], fine.

If Soomighty actually thinks they’re unfair it’s because he’s lightyears ahead of the pack at landing the initial hit that triggers all this.

First off, and let’s be frank, they suck. It’s easier to divide players into scrubs, people to actually play and Veteran players, but it’s even easier to divide up the scrubs.
Believe it or not, it’s not just the one-odd person, it’s an entire collective, a posse of people who think they can play, but can’t, and get this, they have a system.

Tier One Scrub: Usually thinks of himself as an ace player, and will usually resort to blaming the arcade controls for his losses.
Tier Two Scrub: Middle class citizens of this group, curses frequently, and constantly bashes the joystick when a combo doesn’t connect.
Tier Three Scrub: This is the alpha male of the gang, and will either be the cheapest person you’ll see, or, has a higher rate of ‘attempted’ combo chains. In most cases, the alpha male will challenge a lower level scrub to gain free games, until, of course, one of you guys come along and kick his ass, thus we proceed to the beginning of the topic to see the rest of the story.

Naturally, all tiers above will consider ‘special’ techniques that they can’t master ‘cheap,’ seeing as how they feel the world revolves around them: Because they cannot do it, you cannot do it.

That’s my two cents.

No. you guys got me all wrong. Its because he is a top player who uses it all the time. He did 7 snapbacks during his win against Justin at Evo 5 on 5. I mentioned this to state that they are not soft banned at all.

Thanks for the help, Deathfist.

No, Soo does alot of snapbacks.

Yeah I noticed that Soo did snapbacks against JustwinWong but I think the reason was so he can launch kill his assist(which he missed).

I don’t know who used the snap-back before me, or all that history of, “who did the first what” bullshit arguements. But I do know that snapbacks have certain priorities that slip through the eyes. I use the snapback for all the reasons. Glitches, combos, or to be an asshole. People actually used to criticize me about this. This, and alot of other things. About how I used double shorts to rushdown, or how I never stop attacking. Well, let me get this straight. I will say this once only. I don’t practice. I just play against other people. The most of a practice I ever got was against the computer maybe. But I never had a DC so practice was limited. I just played my own style though. I always tried to be innovative, and a couple steps ahead. They call me Mr. Reset like it’s a compliment. All the top-players don’t think it’s a good thing. But I stuck with resets from day 1. I’m not shy to say it. I took resets with Magneto to where it is today. Play your own game, and you’ll be fucking dope guys. But not as if you guys aren’t already dope. Because I know some of you guys. And I know. Sorry, I got off topic. I love you nuggs :cool:

Wow the great teacher Soo replys to my thread.:cool:

(runs from flying objects)


This + the Sirlin articles should answer any questions you should ever have about whether anything in any game should be considered cheap.