Snapping out of Auto Pilot

Hello everyone, a few questions in one post so bare with me here please. It has been raised to my attention (painfully so) that I fight on auto pilot, or I fall into a routine if you will, i do the same thing basically every match, for example, cr.lp cr.lp cr.lp xx (enter special move here) I was just wondering if anyone else has had this problem while playing the game and what should I do to snap the heck out of it!

The problem is, I don’t even know that I am doing it! (I guess that’s why they call it autopilot eh?)
Should I just avoid online all together until I’ve got my chosen character mastered? (Cody btw) or should I try endless battles and attempt as much new stuff as possible?

And last question, how in the green heck do I upload videos so people can give me advice on my play?

Cheers in advance!

Snapping out of it is really hard, since you almost never realize it. The only thing that helped me specifically is that whenever I lose a match, I ask myself why and use a one-by-one elimination method. Did I screw up my combos way too much? Did I punish whenever I could? Is my play too predictable?

So whenever I lose, I generally try to differentiate my play a bit and see, if the results are any better.

Concerning video upload, what port of the game are you playing (PC/X360/PS3)?

A lot of people go through it. You have to force yourself to be more conscious of your decisions while playing. It’s a slow process, and there’s nothing anyone can tell you that will just make it like the flip of a switch and all the sudden you’re thinking instead of auto piloting (so you can’t really “snap out of it”). You should try to make sure you have a good idea that every action you do will have its intended consequence.


You need to be conscious of your decisions and have an idea where you want to go. If you’re playing from autopilot with no thought involved, how are you going to know if you’re doing something risky that won’t get you horribly punished? You’ll never know if what you’re doing is right or wrong if there’s no thought process involved.

First of all in response to Larthy, the port i play on is PS3, and secondly thanks guys, knowing that other people have gone through it doesn’t make me feel so stupid anymore! I think i might go with Larthy’s elimination method, seems to suit me the best :slight_smile:

I think a lot of it is just recognizing situations and having answers. For instance, people just starting off generally have binary approaches to offense like c.lp c.lp c.lp and if they block a whole lot try for a throw. Which develops into the bizzarely stupid “50/50” throw/dp. And then they get frustrated when they lose. If you develop an attack method for more scenarios[frame traps to beat techs, overheads/throws to beat blocks, blocks to beat reversals, OSes to beat BDes, etc] then you’ll become more aware of how your opponent is reacting and can go from there. This actually lets you go BACK to autopilot versus less skilled players as you become faster at reading situations and they have less habits to keep track of.

Breaking the habit in the first place is generally easiest if you get punished for it repeatedly. A specific example for instance is looking to jump into a guys grill and getting shoryu’ed. That essentially means you fell into his trap, he was looking for it, you weren’t or thought he wasn’t. Aside from that I’d say look out for ‘urges’. These are those compulsions you get in a certain situation. Get into a certain range and jump. Follow a certain move with another move. Like for me I like to do IAT a LOT. I’ll do things like IAT, s.lp, IAT. When I get focus crumpled that usually tells me I need to take a step back and change up my gameplan. When you feel a strong urge to do something with no particular backing aside from ‘I WANT TO DO THIS’ try not doing it. See what happens. Its kinda fun to see how many players will just take to the skies trying to set aflame something that never came.

Every time I’ve switched mains I’ve noticed myself go on this eery win streak for a while then it devolves into horrible losses. I think I’ve gotten it down to me trying out new things with a new char (thus playing in a random/unexpected way that catches people off-guard) then after I think I’ve figured it out I start just using the same moves over and over again (getting figured out way faster). Certainly easier for me to go on bad-autopilot on offense (I call this “doing stupid stuff” because it’s generally doing stuff that never ever works, over and over again) but slowly on defence I’ve been noticing the same thing. I guess a good tactic is in developing a number of different strategies and ways to use many different moves so that your opponent doesn’t start reading you like a book after the first match.

Ah~ Autopilot! How I loathe thee. I’ve been struggling with this problem for, what seems like, ever. Thanks for all the tips guys!

So after reading everyone’s feedback the consensus seems well to paraphrase, when i lose I should be analytical of why i lost and go from there. And thank you all very much for the helpful responses. My analytical skills are somewhat weak so when I find out how to upload videos from the ps3 ill be back!