Sneak Peak! SF #10 Cover B/W

Here’s the black and white of the #10 cover. It is part 1 of 3 covers (#10, 11, 12) that will all link up!


The 8 original and the 4 new warriors, very cool! :smiley:
And a very nice composition; I like all the different poses. Dhalsim’s yoga’s freaking me out.

P.S. Alvin Lee fucking rules.

omg… too fuking hot

badass, guile’s a pimp:cool:

That’s one kick ass picture!

Wait till you see the Alpha part that is going to link up to the left, and the bad guys part that will link up to the right!


Believe me when I say I’m drooling in anticipation.

Oh… I was expecting the other 2 segments will be Alpha and the SF3 series.:frowning:

Oh well… nevertheless… this is a KICKASS PIC!!! I can’t express how much I love this pic!

BAD-ASS!!! One question though. Are all 3 of these cover released for ish 10?? If so, thats a shame.

Niiiice. (Starts singing some Kim Gun Mo). The composition is very good right now as i know how hard it is to compose lots of characters together. I know Tsang had a hand in this somewhere?

It is going to be Cover 10A Double Spread (SF2 characters), Cover 11A Double Spread (SF Alpha characters), and Cover 12A (Shadaloo Big 4 + Akuma) joining together. So basically, it will be 5 panels wide.

And Alvin is drawing the whole thing, while Ramil Sunga & Arnold Tsang will color.

Must…see…color…version! Awesome picture. I’d also like to this asa poster though…and maybe another computer wallpaper…hint hint. :slight_smile: Wow…looks like Cammy is trying to beat Chun Li in the thigh department.

Check it out guys, that last Rey Cheap Shots was right about Zangief!
(only a rough estimate, but lookin’ good so far)

I thought it said he was the main person on the cover of Street Fighter Alpha 3.

Also, I think this comic pic is gonna be split 3 ways.

I’m just referring to the part about Gief becoming an SF superstar/bigshot.


He said this is going to be the fold-over cover for issue 10. Then they’re making a fold-over of the Alpha characters for issue 11, then a one page cover of the baddies for issue 12. That’s how I understood it anyway…

You are correct!

Man this is great. I’m absolutely excited about this and we’re not even close to its realease yet! The torture!!

Thanks for the great image Alvin!


Chunners does look older/hotter than in the first arc… How long will it be between Alpha and 2 in the comic time?

I just hope we get a SF3 cover like that too.