Sneaker Heads

So I got kicks to sell, figured a lot of people on the forum probably do as well.

I got a pair of size 12 Jordan XX3’s for sale. Deadstock (never worn) got the OG box and DVD, asking the retail price of $185. Let me know if anyone is interested.

Scroll down and head to Trading Outlet…

I’ve tried selling sneakers here on multiple occasions before, but they never worked out. Wrong demography.

Better off going to NT, NSB or straight to eBay.

I agree with orka. You’d probably have better luck selling sneakers on niketalk.

We could probably talk about our latest pickups here though.

I bought the retro blue foamposite pros from on RD. They shipped the box in a bag and it got crumpled, but the shoes were fine, so I’m good. I’m saving for the pine green pros that release September.

We got threads for that too, actually. Check out here and here.